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How To Get Your South Carolina Real Estate License 

7 Steps Toward Getting Your South Carolina Salesperson License

Getting your South Carolina real estate license might seem a bit daunting, but we’re here to guide you through the process.

Read on to learn the seven steps you’ll need to complete before starting your career in South Carolina real estate. To learn about how much it costs to get your real estate license, visit our South Carolina Pre-Licensing pricing page.

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To start, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Be lawfully present and eligible to work in the United States.

Quick Facts:

  • What is the average SC real estate agent salary? According to, the average full time South Carolina real estate agent salary is $94,516 per year.
  • How long does it take to get a real estate agent license in South Carolina? Future agents who spend about 20 hours per week on coursework can be licensed in as little as 3-4 weeks.
  • You can use the South Carolina Real Estate Agent License Lookup Tool to verify an agent's license status.

  1. Complete 90 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education.

    Successfully complete 90 clock hours of approved Pre-Licensing salesperson courses. Learn more about your package options here.

    The 60-hour Unit I Salesperson Pre-Licensing course must be taken prior to sitting for the South Carolina salesperson licensing exam.

    The 30-hour Unit II Advanced Real Estate Principles course can be taken after passing the licensing exam, but must be taken prior to applying for licensure. Both courses must be completed before obtaining initial licensure.

    If you hold a law degree or have received a degree from a university with a major course of study in real estate, or if you have a current license in another jurisdiction and are seeking licensure in South Carolina, please see the South Carolina real estate commission's website for the education and examination requirements in detail for your specific situation.

  2. Pass the course final exam.

    After you complete all the course materials, there is a final exam for each course. The minimum passing score is 70%.

    You must take the final exam in the presence of a proctor, so you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a proctor in advance. Find out more about proctoring here.

  3. Complete exam application for real estate.

    To sit for the South Carolina Salesperson examination, you must first submit your exam application.

  4. Complete the background check requirement.

    You are required to obtain a criminal background report to submit with your application.

    For any applications submitted after June 30, 2020, instructions will be provided after the initial application is received on how to obtain your fingerprint background check. Find out more here.

  5. Pass the South Carolina real estate salesperson exam.

    Once the exam application is approved, you will receive an examination eligibility letter. Examination eligibility is valid for one year. PSI administers the South Carolina real estate salesperson licensing exam.

    You will have 200 minutes to complete this 120 question test comprised of 2 portions, covering both state and national requirements. 120 minutes will be allotted for the 80 question national portion, and 80 minutes for 40 state questions. For more information, see the PSI candidate information bulletin.

    Do you need help passing your South Carolina real estate exam? The CE Shop also offers comprehensive Exam Prep tailored to South Carolina. If you have any additional questions, visit our South Carolina real estate exam frequently asked questions page.

  6. Select a sponsoring broker.

    To be licensed, you must first be associated with a current and active South Carolina sponsoring broker. It's important to find the right broker to work with, since this person will serve as your mentor as you start your new career in real estate. Here are some questions to consider during your search:

    • What is their reputation, both locally and nationally?
    • What kind of real estate agents are they looking for?
    • Are they technologically advanced and up-to-date with the latest systems?
    • How do they support their agents with education and training?
    • What kind of commission structure do they offer?
    • Do they offer benefits?
    • Do they provide their agents with leads and marketing material?
    • Is there room to grow with the brokerage?
  7. Complete the application.

    Once all of the requirements have been met, you must finalize your application online.


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