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Virginia Post-Licensing:Virginia Post-Licensing: Contract Writing

Virginia Post-Licensing: Contract Writing

6 Total hours
0 Elective hours
6 Mandatory hours

Real estate is an industry driven by contracts. From listing agreements to buyer/broker agreements to leasing contracts to escrows, contracts are the legally binding glue that holds the industry together. And this is also why it's especially important for licensees to be familiar with the ins and outs of all real estate-related contracts. The six-hour Virginia Post-Licensing: Contract Writing course is designed to give licensees a detailed look at how to successfully work with common real estate contracts and purchase agreements. We provide an overview of how to avoid possible litigation by including everything in writing and not manipulating contracts or agreements in any way.

In Virginia, new salespersons must complete eight post-licensing courses on state-approved topics, adding up to 30 hours of education. Virginia Post-Licensing: Contract Writing is one of eight courses offered by The CE Shop to fulfill the state's post-licensing requirements.

Course highlights include:

  • A review of the defining characteristics of a legally binding and valid contract.
  • A description of the central elements of common real estate agreements.
  • Advice on how to work with contracts, including adding contingencies, addendums, and disclosures.
  • Tips for writing clear purchase agreements.
  • An explanation of the disclosures that must be made during a residential property transaction.
  • Recommendations for the steps you should take to ensure that you and your clients abide by all property condition disclosure laws and regulations.
  • Examples and activities to underscore key concepts.