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Virginia Post-Licensing:Virginia Post-Licensing: Agency Law

Virginia Post-Licensing: Agency Law

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours

The business of real estate hinges on the concept of agency, in which designated real estate licensees represent the needs of buyers and sellers in transactions. This representation assists clients and customers in performing the needed steps to enable the sale of real property. Virginia Post-Licensing: Agency Law outlines the representation options available to buyers and sellers, and it explains a licensee's duties as required by Virginia law. This three-hour course also details the disclosures and agreements necessary when entering into agency relationships as well as the concepts involved in dual agency and designated agency. 

In Virginia, new salespersons must complete eight post-licensing courses on state-approved topics, adding up to 30 hours of education. Virginia Post-Licensing: Agency Law is one of eight courses offered by The CE Shop to fulfill the state's post-licensing requirements.   

Course highlights include:

  • Review of the agency relationships allowed in Virginia and their corresponding disclosure requirements.
  • Discussion of agency duties and what they look like in practice.
  • Advice on how to meet the legal requirements and employ appropriate precautions when working in dual and designated agency situations.
  • Scenario-based activities for students to apply the legal guidelines in context.
  • Examples and activities to emphasize key points.