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Virginia Post-Licensing:Virginia Post-Licensing: Finance

Virginia Post-Licensing: Finance

2 Total hours
0 Elective hours
2 Mandatory hours

This is a two-hour mandatory course that will help you meet your Virginia post-licensing education requirements.

It will also bring you up to speed on a crucial aspect of a successful real estate transaction: financing. Success as a real estate professional is dependent on closings, and closings are dependent on finances—including cash deals. Understanding the A to (Regulation) Z of financing will help you and your clients get to the finish line more often.

Course highlights include:

  • How financing contingencies apply to the offer
  • Comparing pre-qualification to pre-approval
  • What the loan commitment means to the buyer’s financing contingency
  • How to protect seller client interests when cash offers are received
  • Loan programs, including the Virginia Housing Development Authority
  • Alternatives to conventional financing
    • FHA
    • VA
    • USDA (an often overlooked option to buyers with little or no down payment)
    • Seller financing
  • Tax-deferred exchanges
  • Finance advertising rules, including rules for mortgage providers in Virginia
  • A review of key closing documents