Tennessee Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: Diversity: Your Kaleidoscope of Clients

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Tennessee Post-Licensing COURSE

Tennessee Post-Licensing:Diversity: Your Kaleidoscope of Clients

Diversity: Your Kaleidoscope of Clients

3 Total hours
3 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours

The real estate market reflects our nation's diverse population, and the successful real estate professional understands and adapts to each client's needs.

What's new in fair housing? What isn't? 

Course Highlights:

  • The newest fair housing guidelines relating to criminal background screening, reasonable accommodation for assistance animals, and hoarding
  • A look at the socioeconomic impact of discriminatory practices in housing
  • An online test to check your own inherent bias 
  • The court case that led to sexual orientation and gender identity being afforded federal fair housing protection 
  • Resources that will help you identify and better serve the diverse populations within your market
  • Statistics and demographics on homeownership from:
    • The National Association of REALTORS®
    • The U.S. Census Bureau
    • The National Fair Housing Alliance 
  • Two proposed additions to the seven federally protected classes