New Mexico Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Residential Property Management Essentials (Core Elective)

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New Mexico CE:Residential Property Management Essentials (Core Elective)

Residential Property Management Essentials (Core Elective)

4 Total hours
4 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours
In New Mexico, this course is approved for 4 core elective hours.

For many real estate professionals, property management is a natural extension of their expertise. But whether you’re thinking about taking on your first property or looking to grow your property management business, this is a specialized field with a high degree of risk. 

Residential Property Management Essentials in New Mexico provides you with a solid understanding of property management issues by exploring the role of the property manager, common tenant issues you’re likely to encounter, and crucial federal and state laws that every property manager needs to understand. This understanding will help prevent tenant issues, and reduce litigation risk for property managers and their clients.

Course highlights:

  • Property management agreements
  • Property types and points to consider when selecting properties
  • Tips for building a successful working relationship with property owners
  • Landlord and tenant obligations
  • Tips for screening and retaining tenants in compliance with fair housing law
  • Risks involved with informal rental agreements
  • Tips for dealing with delinquent tenants
  • Key laws impacting landlords and property managers, including fair housing guidelines and exemptions
  • The importance of data security, with a look at the Sherman Antitrust Act