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New Jersey CE:Fair Housing in New Jersey

Fair Housing in New Jersey

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Housing discrimination remains a problem, even among real estate licensees who should know better. This was recently demonstrated through a Newsday expose on a three-year study using fair housing testers on Long Island. And just last year, New Jersey investigators issued 100 violations against housing providers (licensees and landlords) who barred prospective tenants from their choice of housing simply because they were using vouchers. 

To combat discrimination, the National Association of REALTORS® has strengthened its fair housing standards and recently came out against hate speech—even on members’ social media sites.

In this course, we’ll revisit the Newsday expose and new NAR guidelines. But first, we’ll review the federal Fair Housing Act and protected classes. The course also gives you the opportuity to determinew whether your own "implicit bias" may be preventing you from providing equal service to all. 

Course highlights include:

  • Federal Fair Housing Act: overview and list of federally protected classes
  • New Jersey Fair Housing Act and affordable housing programs
  • A look at the Newsday Long Island fair housing tester expose
  • New Jersey State Law Against Discrimination
  • Implicit bias and how to recognize it
  • New guidelines from the NAR on nondiscriminatory practice and the prohibition against hate speech, even on private social media sites
  • A glimpse into the future of fair housing law