Kentucky Post-Licensing Course: Technology and Data Security (PLE - Technology)

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Kentucky Post-Licensing COURSE

Kentucky Post-Licensing:Technology and Data Security (PLE - Technology)

Technology and Data Security (PLE - Technology)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours
This course counts as 3 technology and data security hours for KY post-licensing education.

This course fulfills the 3 hours of mandatory instruction on technology and data security for the Kentucky salesperson post-licensing requirements. This course instructs learners in recognizing threats to sensitive information, including client privacy, security, and confidentiality, their responsibility to protect the information, and the consequences of a data breach. This course also reviews how to reduce the risk of viruses and malware through encryption and network security, using anti-virus and malware protection, updating out-of-date programs, using strong passwords, avoiding phishing, and identifying red flags, and recalls ways to reduce the risk of wire fraud, online rental scams, and how to safely use social media. Finally, this course reviews how to protect physical data, properly dispose of electronic information, the legal requirements for data breaches and notifications, and the keys to implementing a sound data security program.