Kentucky Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: Kentucky Disclosure Rules (PLE - Disclosure)

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Kentucky Post-Licensing COURSE

Kentucky Post-Licensing:Kentucky Disclosure Rules (PLE - Disclosure)

Kentucky Disclosure Rules (PLE - Disclosure)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours
This course counts as 3 disclosure hours for KY post-licensing education.

Review seller and licensee obligations regarding residential property disclosures, including lead-based paint. Revisit forms used in Kentucky, including the Condominium Seller’s Disclosure.

You'll also review the rules and guidelines for following the standard of care for disclosure, including disclosure of personal interest, and what to do when confidentiality and disclosure conflict. You'll be presented with scenarios and case studies and asked to identify actions consistent with the standard of care for disclosure.

This course fulfills the 3 hours of mandatory instruction on disclosure for the Kentucky salesperson post-licensing requirements.