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Florida Post-Licensing:Florida Post-Licensing: Market Specialties

Florida Post-Licensing: Market Specialties

15 Total hours
0 Elective hours
15 Mandatory hours

Florida Post-Licensing: Market Specialties introduces four market segments licensees are likely to encounter. This course will look at an assortment of topics designed to help you find success with a variety of client types, including those who are environmentally conscious, struggling to afford housing, facing a short sale, or interested in real estate as an investment. This course is broken down into separate modules.

  • Green Transactions look at how you can capitalize on the “green” trend by helping environmentally minded clients and customers find and list energy efficient, eco-friendly homes.
  • Advocating for Short Sale Clients reviews distressed property transactions, the short sale process, and how you can best serve clients who are facing this situation.
  • Assisting Low-Income and First Time Home Buyers takes a look at the affordable housing crisis and offers solutions to help those struggling to find affordable housing find homes and financing.
  • Working with Real Estate Investors looks at recent and current market trends, and techniques for working with real estate investors to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Course highlights include:

  • Requirements to officially call a property “green” 
  • Detailed information on “green” home features and appliances to point out in listings
  • Simple ways to “green” up any listing in a matter of minutes
  • Questions to ask clients who are considering the short sale option  Tips for working with a lender’s representative on a short sale Process and timeline of a short sale transaction
  • Creative living situations and creative financing options for buyers with credit issues and no or little down payment
  • Criteria-based investing, including a downloadable Criteria Worksheet for future use with your investor clients
  • Tips for protecting yourself should you choose to become a real estate investor