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Florida Post-Licensing: Business Planning

15 Total hours
0 Elective hours
15 Mandatory hours

What do business planning and bowling have in common?

If sitting down to write a business plan seems like a waste of time—after all, your plan is to make a certain amount of money in your real estate business, so what’s the point--consider how children bowl. Often the bowling alley will place bumper guards along the side of the lanes to prevent the ball from veering into the gutter. The bumpers keep the ball in the lane. And while they don’t guarantee a strike—or even that any of the pins will fall down—it does keep the ball headed in the right direction. It also avoids the frustration of miss after miss, because it makes it much more likely that efforts—because they’re focused along a narrower channel—will pay off.

Throughout the Florida Post-Licensing Course A: Business Planning and Marketing course, you'll explore various strategies for successfully and strategically building your business through the use of business plans, innovative marketing strategies, real estate-specific systems and software, and the latest technology and social media trends.

Broken down into four separate modules, this course looks at everything from developing a budget that will help you achieve your goals to creating a mobile office. More specifically:

  • In the first module, Business Planning, we will discuss how to create a detailed business plan—your ultimate roadmap to success.
  • In the second module, Building Your Sphere of Influence, we will explore different strategies for growing your business, with an emphasis on building relationships, not leads. We will also look at how to build a sphere of influence business plan that will work in tandem with the broader business plan you will be creating in the first module.
  • In the third module, Assisting Buyers and Sellers, we will look at best practices for client service to help you work more efficiently and effectively in meeting the goals you set for yourself in your business plan.
  • But wait, that's not all! Just like those late night TV knife set commercials, there's more. We also cover successfully Closing Transactions, and the intersection of Real Estate and Technology.

Course highlights include:

  • Detailed instructions for creating a well-crafted, personalized business plan
  • Tips for calculating how much revenue you will need to generate each year in order to achieve your goals
  • Techniques for managing your time to better support your business goals and serve your clients
  • Strategies for branding and marketing yourself through various different channels
  • Techniques for growing your sphere of influence and increasing your number of referrals
  • Tips for writing listings that comply with fair housing, advertising, and anti-trust regulations
  • An overview of how technology can help real estate professionals perform their jobs more efficiently
  • Information on how the latest software can streamline essential tasks, saving you time and money
  • Tips for keeping data secure--and your reputation intact--online