Delaware Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Selling to Your Sphere of Influence (Module 7)

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Delaware CE:Selling to Your Sphere of Influence (Module 7)

Selling to Your Sphere of Influence (Module 7)

3 Total hours
3 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours
For Delaware CE, this course falls under Three (3) hours in elective courses (Module 7). v3.0

The Sphere of Influence approach to building your real estate business is based on nurturing relationships within your circle of friends, family, past clients, neighbors and acquaintances. Not pounding the pavement, buying bus signs and billboards, or purchasing leads.

This course helps you turn your acquaintances into your biggest advocates through respectful, non-intrusive methods. 

Course highlights include:

  • Tips to ensure you present a professional, enthusiastic image to your contacts
  • How to plan and implement an SOI strategy
  • How to build and maintain a contact database
  • Tips for writing effective reconnection communiques