Connecticut Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Using the Code to Solve Ethical Dilemmas

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Connecticut CE:Using the Code to Solve Ethical Dilemmas

Using the Code to Solve Ethical Dilemmas

3 Total hours
3 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours

While conducting real estate business, have you encountered a situation in which you weren’t sure what the proper course of action was? What the right thing to do might be? Or maybe you’ve heard your colleagues’ stories and got that uncomfortable, itchy feeling that an action they took wasn’t quite on the up and up.

Let’s look at an uncomfortable truth: real estate agents have a small tarnished image problem. With every transaction being unique, real estate licensees often face ethical gray areas. Some real estate professionals simply don’t understand how to handle complex issues in the most ethical manner, and others bend the rules if they think it’ll keep a transaction on track or a commission in their bank account and not a competitor’s.

Revised in January 2022 and designed to meet NAR Cycle 7 requirements, this three-hour course helps licensees deepen their knowledge—and practice—of ethical rules of conduct according to the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice. The code isn’t applicable to REALTORS® only, who are duty-bound to uphold the code as a privilege of membership. The code’s guidance serves anyone possessing a real estate license, and licensees who heed the code’s various articles and standards of practice can do the greatest good of all: protecting consumers while also bolstering the reputation of all the industry’s professionals.

Course highlights include:

  • Laws vs. morals vs. ethics
  • Top articles of the code involved in the most complaints (plus a few more)
  • A candid look at the industry’s image problem
  • Common ethical dilemmas and using the code to solve them
  • Foundation and enforcement of the code
  • Competency in real estate practice as a matter of ethics
  • Steering clear of procuring cause disputes
  • Ethics concerns with technology and social media
  • Tips and best practices to keep your reputation polished to a high shine

*This course was designed by us to meet the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Training Requirement. Please confirm that your local association, who administers the Code of Ethics training, will accept this course.