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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Illinois

Follow these steps per Illinois state requirements and you're on your way.

How To Get Your Illinois Real Estate License in 5 Steps

Becoming licensed may seem like a daunting undertaking at first, but we’ve demystified the process for you. Follow these simple steps to get started today!



Complete and pass 90 hours of Pre-Licensing coursework (75 hrs. of Real Estate Broker Topics and 15 hrs. of Broker Pre-Licensing, Applied Real Estate Principles-Interactive).

Broker candidates must successfully take 90 hours of pre-licensing courses from an approved Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) real estate education provider like The CE Shop. The course work includes 75-hour Real Estate Broker Topics and a 15-hour interactive course in Applied Real Estate Principles. For the 15-hour interactive course, you will be provided a link to sign up for a live webinar session over 3-4 days. It is recommended not to complete the 15-hour interactive course until you are approximately 90% through the 75-hour course.

To prepare you to take the exam and to satisfy the Pre-Licensing education requirement, The CE Shop offers coursework through its advanced online learning platform, designed specifically for aspiring and existing real estate professionals.

Our courses combine the best education on the market with the ease and convenience of an online experience, so you can schedule your learning around any existing obligations. Our courses offer real-world scenarios, situations, and examples that are relevant to the real estate industry, preparing you to pass your state licensing exam and enter the world as a real estate professional in Illinois.




Complete the course final exams.

After you complete all the course materials, meet the minimum time requirement, and pass the practice exam, there is a final exam for each course. The passing score is 75%.

You must take each final in the presence of a proctor. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a proctor in advance. Find out more about our online proctoring here and the technical requirements you'll need here. There is a $25 fee per exam.



Pass the IL Real Estate Sales Associate Examination.

The Illinois real estate broker’s state licensure exam is administered by Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP). The Illinois Real Estate Broker Examination consists of two portions: the National Broker Portion, comprised of 100 questions used to compute your score and the State Broker Portion, containing 40 multiple-choice questions. The total time allowed for both portions of the examination is 3.5 hours.

In addition to the questions used to compute your score, the examination may include five questions that are being “pre-tested” for use in future versions of this examination. These pre-test questions are not identified, and your answers to them do not affect your score. The examination fee is $46.




Apply for licensure within one year of passing the exam.

After you’ve passed both sections of the Illinois Real Estate Broker Examination, you have up to one year to apply for your license. Details and instructions for the online application are available here.



Be sponsored by a Managing Broker.

How do you choose the best broker to sponsor you? Just like anything in life, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all broker. Do your research to ensure that the broker you choose represents you the way you want. Looking for questions to ask? Start off with these:

  • What is their reputation, both locally and nationally?
  • What kind of real estate agents are they looking for?
  • Are they technologically advanced and up-to-date with the latest systems?
  • How do they support their agents with education and training?
  • What kind of commission structure do they offer?
  • Do they offer benefits?
  • Do they provide their agents with leads and marketing material?
  • Is there room to grow with the brokerage?



The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Illinois

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