Real estate elevator pitch

Learn How to Perfect Your Real Estate Elevator Pitch

by The CE Shop Team

What Is a Real Estate Elevator Pitch? Learn the Basics 

In the competitive world of real estate, your success relies on how you separate yourself from the pack, which you can accomplish with a real estate elevator pitch. A real estate elevator pitch is a brief explanation of who you are, what you do, and how you could help someone - ideally delivered in less than a minute. New agents should have a real estate pitch to sell yourself to potential clients. This guide will go over key details regarding how to create a real estate sales pitch while providing real estate sales pitch examples. 

Elevator Pitch Checklist 

Keep It Short 

A real estate elevator pitch sells your services to potential clients. Your real estate pitch should be concise, so practice delivering it in 30-60 seconds. 

Provide a Specific Example 

You’re in line at the grocery store and you overhear a conversation about a couple looking to get a bigger house. This is where a personalized and confident real estate elevator pitch could be incredibly handy. Get straight to the point: “I couldn’t help but overhear that you’re looking for a bigger house. A few properties just became available that you might want to see - my name is Bob, and I’m a licensed real estate agent.” Then wrap up by handing them your business card.

Make a Connection 

Yes, a real estate elevator pitch sells yourself or your company. But why does it matter to the person who is receiving it? To nail your real estate sales pitch, you need to make a personal connection with your listener. Focus on the benefits that your expertise can provide, customized for whoever is listening to your real estate pitch. In this example, Bob should communicate that he knows how challenging the market can be, especially if buyers are looking to upgrade, so his audience knows that he understands their unique challenge.

Tailor Your Pitch to the Audience

Your real estate elevator pitch will be more effective if you know who will be listening so you can personalize your message accordingly. To borrow from our previous example, it would behoove Bob the agent to discuss his experience in upgrading his clients to larger spaces based on what he knows of his audience’s needs. 

Pro Tip: 

Practice makes perfect. Try recording yourself while practicing your elevator pitch to see how you sound and how your body language reads, then make adjustments as needed. 

Conversation Tips 

Being authentic and confident is the foundation for a real estate pitch that catches prospective clients’ attention. If you put care and thought into your pitch, your audience is more likely to care about what you’re saying. As for the real estate pitch itself, make it feel like a conversation. Consider asking your audience a question or two so they’re more engaged in your pitch. When you speak, slow down. Don’t rush through your words - hone your confidence and remember that you’re looking to convince your prospective client that you can fulfill their needs.

Some real estate sales pitch examples include person-to-person conversations, recording a video for your social media channels or website, or a live group pitch in which you address several listeners at once. Though an elevator pitch is used to sell yourself or company in most cases, you could customize your pitch for specific properties you want to sell. However you deliver it and whatever it’s selling, just remember to be authentic and confident. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

The only way to get better at your real estate elevator pitch is to practice. When you first start doing it, don’t be overly critical of yourself. Try practicing your real estate sales pitch in front of a mirror. That way, you can see your body language, mannerisms, and how you speak in real time. You also learn what trips you up and adjust accordingly. Once you feel comfortable, move to recording your real estate sales pitch. When you reach this point, ask for feedback from someone you trust, whether that’s your spouse, a close friend, or a real estate professional you know will offer a fair assessment of your pitch. 

Real Estate Elevator Pitch Example

One of the most common ways to give a real estate elevator pitch is when you sell yourself to a potential client. Here’s a script to get you started. To set the scene, this real estate sales pitch is tailored to a customer who has made it known that they want to sell their home. 

“Hi, my name is Peyton Manning. It’s great to meet you. No, I’m not the Hall of Fame quarterback, as you probably gathered. I’m actually left-handed and not as tall. While I can’t play quarterback, I can help you sell your home. I’ve lived in the area for most of my life, and I’ve practiced real estate here for the past five years, which has allowed me to help people such as yourself get their home on the market and sell it quickly and for a great price. I can answer any questions you may have to get the process started!”