Instagram for real estate agents

Instagram Strategies For Real Estate Agents - Set Yourself Apart

by The CE Shop Team

How Can Real Estate Agents Use Instagram to Grow Their Business? 

If you aren't already using Instagram as a part of your social media strategy, now is the time to start. There is a lot to love about Instagram when it comes to building your real estate business:

If you want to tap into this powerful potential audience, you need to start using Instagram for real estate promotions. This is about more than adding your contact details and using stock imagery to create a few posts a week, though. Building an engaged social media audience on Instagram takes dedication, authentic connection, and time. You don't have to be an influencer and gifted marketer to get started and take things to the next level. This guide will give you tips on how to start generating real estate leads through your posts and some content ideas for real estate agents to get you going. 

Build A Real Estate Instagram That Will Generate Leads - 5 Tips

Clients are already finding their next home online. The National Association of REALTORS® notes that 81% of older millennials, 80% of younger millennials, and 78% of Generation X found their homes on a mobile device. Instagram marketing allows you to tap into this trend and leverage it to bring more high-quality real estate leads to your door. You'll build social proof and an engaged audience of potential buyers and sellers with your social media posts. These five tips will help real estate agents reach the right audience on Instagram and convert followers into buyers.

1.  Utilize Instagram Ads  

To some extent, Instagram is a "pay to play" social media platform, but it's powerful digital marketing. Instagram ads can help connect you to your target demographic a lot sooner than you would through organic audience building. 

You'll also be able to use retargeting ads on Instagram. That allows you to get your ads in front of the eyes of people who have already searched for you on Facebook or checked out your grid on Instagram. It's a great way to build brand awareness and keep your name at the forefront of potential buyers' and sellers' minds. through excellent content marketing.

2. Utilize Instagram Insights 

You can only get access to Instagram Insights by converting your account to a business profile (more on that below). Once you do, you'll get access to a wealth of information about audience engagement on your real estate Instagram accounts. Insights allow you to see information such as: 

  • How many people are visiting your profile
  • How many people click through to your website
  • The reach of your individual posts
  • The number of people engaging with your posts 
  • How that engagement is happening

With this information, you can start to track which posts generate the most new followers, the most engagement, and the most click-throughs. Maybe offering marketing tips gets you the most activity, or maybe you see a spike every time you post listing photos. You'll also see what hashtags are working for you. You'll be able to track how your social media strategies and overall marketing efforts are paying off and tweak your methodology for the next campaign. 

Instagram insights

3. Use All Of Instagram’s Content Features 

Instagram allows you to engage with your followers and maximize lead generation in a few distinct ways, and you'll want to use them all. They are: 

  • Posts. This is the classic Instagram post, where you upload a picture on your grid with a caption and it appears on followers' Instagram feeds. Use this for your "best of the best" Instagram content. Carefully curate your grid with a distinct style and feel for maximum engagement. This is also where you'll use hashtags to connect with new followers for excellent brand awareness.
  • Stories. Instagram Stories are short-lived, small bits of content that only stick around for 24 hours. This is a great place to show behind-the-scenes content, quick marketing tips for sellers or buyers, or just to share cool insights with your followers. Because they are temporary, there is less pressure to be perfect. It's also a nice place to share more about your personal life with your social network.
  • Reels. Think of Reels as Instagram's version of TikTok. These are slightly longer videos (around 30 seconds) that you can add music, animation, and effects to. Use Reels for quick home tours, tips on staging, referrals, or to share info about open houses. 
  • IGTV. This is Instagram's long-format video, making it a great place to share in-depth info on the real estate industry. Speaking directly into the camera while you offer advice and insights here is the best option. This gives followers the sense of having a face-to-face discussion and a more authentic connection with you.

By using all the methods Instagram offers, you can connect with your audience through a variety of methods. No matter how they are using Instagram, you'll have content waiting for them to view. 

4. Identify Your Audience 

Before you make content for Instagram, make sure you know who your audience is. If you aren't sure, Instagram Insights or other SEO research can help you identify your most engaged demographic. But you should also think about who your ideal client is and cater to them.

For example, if you specialize in first-time home buyers, create Instagram posts that are going to interest them. That might mean a lot of informative Instagram stories about mortgages, DIY tips, or information on how to finance your first property. If your ideal clients are buying luxury homes, though, your content is going to look a lot different.

You may have more than one ideal client profile, too, and that's okay. Just make sure you are curating your content to those client profiles so you are reaching the audience that you want to reach. 

5. Have An Informative & Actionable Bio

Your Instagram bio is one of the first things a potential client will click on when they want to work with you. It's where they'll go to learn more about you and discover how to get in touch with you. Instagram doesn't give you a lot of space here, though, so you have to maximize what's available.

Your bio should include your name, your contact information, and a link to your website, at a minimum. Include a call-to-action that allows users to connect with you digitally. You should also add a sentence or two in there with targeted keywords, such as what you do and where you operate. Instagram operates like a search engine, so these keywords could help a potential client find you if they happen to do a search. 

Pro Tip:

A picture is worth a thousand words. On Instagram, it's potentially worth a sale. Your pictures need to look as good as possible on Instagram, so make sure you brush up on your real estate photography skills. When you take pictures for homebuyers, make sure you:

  • Declutter and clean rooms
  • Use as much natural light as possible
  • Consistently use the same filters

You should consider using a professional real estate photographer, too, especially for those photos that are going to end up on your grid. Looking for more photography tips? Check out 10 Real Estate Photography Tips for Agents.

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use a Business Instagram Account 

If you haven't been using Instagram as a part of your social media marketing strategy, then there is a good chance you're still using a personal account. That's the account type everyone has when they sign up. If you go to your settings, you'll see an option to change your profile to a business account. You'll want to do this. Switching to a business account gives you some big advantages when it comes to real estate marketing on Instagram. With a business account, you'll be able to: 

  • Use Instagram Insights. This gives you access to analytics that can help you target your campaigns and increase your follower engagement. 
  • Schedule posts. Social media can feel like a burden when you are also trying to juggle all the other demands of work and home. Scheduling posts makes it a lot easier because you set a full week's worth of engagement up at once. 
  • Share links in your stories. With a personal account, you can only share a link in your profile. That means followers have to take additional steps to get to the link you want them to click on. With a business account, you can add the link directly to your stories and send engagement rates soaring.
  • Promote posts and use ads. Business profiles unlock all the pay-to-play digital marketing features on Instagram. That allows you to use Instagram to target a local audience and reach out to potential buyers and sellers. 

Instagram Content Ideas For Real Estate Agents 

Not sure what you should post on your real estate Instagram account? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

New Listings 

More people are finding their next homes online, and that's not just on listing sites like Zillow. Putting your new listings on Instagram will give potential buyers a jump start on finding their perfect property. It will also show potential sellers that you are using every method possible to market their homes.


Announce your open houses on Instagram, too. If you use grid posts, choose images that are personal details of the house that will appeal to buyers. Use your Stories to highlight more about the home and encourage people to come to take a look. 

Local & Community Real Estate News 

Your Instagram profile shouldn't be all sales, all the time. Connect with your local market by focusing on local news and the local community. Spread information about festivals or tag a new local restaurant you've tried. Local hashtags will help more local people find your profile, too.


Let potential clients know what your real estate business can do for them by showing what you've done for others. Written testimonials are good, but video testimonials are even better. Have clients speak directly into the camera about their experience and share it on your Reels.

Real Estate Successes 

Celebrate your successes with your followers. Post about the property you just sold, and include information that will excite followers. Tell them how quickly it sold or by how much it sold over the asking price. Also, share about any awards you win. This builds your credibility and a good reputation.