How Much Does It Cost to Go to Real Estate School

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Real Estate School?

by The CE Shop Team

How Much Does Real Estate School Cost? 

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How much does a real estate license cost?” From real estate classes and exam fees to licensing fees, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the total cost of earning your real estate designation. The reality is that pricing varies by state and region. It also varies by the level of real estate education that you need. The price for Pre-Licensing education is different from the price of Exam Prep and other education requirements. However, this guide will give you an idea of the cost to kick off your real estate career.    

Real estate school costs                                                                        

Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education - $300 to $600

Pre-Licensing education, also known as Pre-Licensing, is the first step on your new career path. Before you can begin to take real estate practice tests, you must first complete your Pre-Licensing hours. We currently offer online Pre-Licensing real estate courses in 42 states and counting. Our courses are tailored to your specific state, and you won’t have to purchase any costly textbooks to succeed in our program. The best aspect of getting your real estate license online is the convenience. Whether you approach it like a full-time job or only log in on the weekends, your learning schedule is entirely up to you. 

Pro Tip:

Take a personal inventory of what teaching style makes the most sense with your schedule and how you learn best. Benefits to online learning include convenience, more flexible scheduling, and a faster process to licensure. But some people do better learning in a classroom environment. 

Real Estate Exam Prep - $50 to $125

While purchasing Exam Prep isn’t required to take your licensing exam, students who invest in this practice are significantly more likely to pass their exam on the first try. Our Exam Prep Edge study program allows you to take a free initial assessment and receive feedback on the topics you’ve mastered and the ones you still need to focus on.

After that, you'll study lessons by topic and improve your score with our real-time dashboards while taking unlimited simulated practice exams to prepare you for your state licensing exam. We cover everything you need to know based on your state’s Candidate Handbook. As is the case with all of our products, Exam Prep Edge is available on your schedule and across all devices.

The State Exam - $40 to $100

Once you meet your state’s requirements for Pre-Licensing and after you decide to invest in an Exam Prep course, your next step is to take your state’s real estate exam. How much does it cost to take the exam in your state? Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but the cost varies. In most states, the cost of the state exam typically falls in the $60 range. 

Real Estate Licensing and Application Fee - $80 to $400

Every state has a different cost for application fees, but they range from $80 in Ohio to $400 in California. As noted at the top, the final cost depends on the state in which you live.

Background & Fingerprint Check - $100 to $125

Virtually all states require you to get a background check and send in a copy of your fingerprints before you get your real estate license. This cost varies based on state, but typically falls in the $100.00-$125.00 range.

Real Estate School Cost By State 

We know, you’re tired of hearing it, but the cost to get your real estate license varies by state. Luckily, we’ve crunched the numbers for you. Below you’ll find a list of all 50 states and their cost to get a real estate license. You may be cheering if you’re in Florida, where the cost is only $139.55 on average to get your real estate license. If you’re in Ohio, it may take a little time to save up the $1,251 average cost before embarking on your real estate journey. The national average cost for a real estate education is $383.16, so see where your state falls in comparison.

Real Estate School Cost By State

Alabama $338.50
Alaska     $417.50
Arizona $506.17
Arkansas     $424.60
California     $275.98
Colorado     $330.30
Connecticut     $452.00
Delaware     $703.00
Florida $139.55
Georgia     $289.74
Hawaii      $457.00
Idaho     $649.80
Illinois     $325.00
Indiana     $456.90
Iowa     $366.40
Kansas $289.60
Kentucky $435.35
Louisiana $276.90
Maine $431.33
Maryland $244.78
Massachusetts $329.00
Michigan $284.56
Minnesota $447.03
Mississippi     $230.00
Missouri $259.17
Montana $307.75
Nebraska $303.00
Nevada $246.44
New Hampshire $353.00
New Jersey $357.00
New Mexico $842.50
New York $281.47
North Carolina     $616.71
North Dakota $787.25
Ohio     $1,251.00
Oklahoma $391.50
Oregon $454.73
Pennsylvania $449.40
Rhode Island $306.80
South Carolina $538.39
South Dakota $1,117.67
Tennessee $393.74
Texas $491.00
Utah $508.67
Vermont $279.38
Virginia $216.00
Washington $263.22
Washington, D.C.     $365.71
West Virginia     $487.00
Wisconsin $433.29
Wyoming      $697.50

Real Estate School Financing Options

For some, becoming a real estate Salesperson can require a little financial planning, especially because first-year real estate professionals often need some time to build up their business. The good news is, you can start planning a few years down the line. Online real estate schools like The CE Shop allow you to begin your coursework online, where you'll learn real estate principles by completing your licensing requirements at your own pace. That way, if you need some to create a budget and save up for the cost of license education or license application fees beforehand, you can do it while you're still generating income in your current career.

Your Future Costs

As a new real estate agent, you’ll need Continuing Education (CE) in order to maintain your real estate license. These classes are required by your state's local real estate commission to keep you up to date on new developments, laws, and current events in the industry. These courses are mandated nationwide. Most CE classes are affordable and can be taken online. Individual CE courses and packages range in price. Here at The CE Shop, we offer Continuing Education, in the form of online courses, for all 50 states.

Other potential costs to consider, though not all are required:

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