Expired Real Estate License

How to Reinstate Your Real Estate License After It Expires

by The CE Shop Team

What to Do If Your Real Estate License Expires 

When you get a real estate license, it’s crucial to remember that your status as a licensee is not permanent. Real estate agents and real estate Brokers have to complete requirements to renew their license on a continual basis. Each state has different specifications for this additional education, so it’s important to know what the Continuing Education requirements are according to your state’s real estate commission. Agents also need to know the expiration date of their license, which varies by state. This guide will cover how to avoid letting your license expire, why it expires, and a breakdown of the real estate licensing renewal process, detailing the steps an agent can take if they accidentally let their license expire. 

Avoid Having Your Real Estate License Expire 

In order to ensure that your real estate license is active, you have to complete the required CE courses for your state. As mentioned above, the real estate license renewal periods and requirements differ by state. You can find the specific CE rules for your state’s commission here

Regardless of your state’s license renewal deadline, don’t wait until the last second to complete your Continuing Education requirements. Stay on top of it so you don’t put yourself in a bind. Plus, you never know when life will happen. You may not be able to get ahead of the license expiration date, but if there’s any possible way to complete your CE ahead of time, find a way to make it happen. Life as an agent or Broker is stressful enough, so do yourself the favor of limiting the pressure to complete your Continuing Education by finishing it as soon as you can. 

You may be wondering why real estate licenses expire at all. Given how much this industry changes, it’s crucial that agents of all license types stay abreast of legislative updates that can impact their real estate practice. By requiring Continuing Education to be completed on a regular basis, real estate commissions can ensure that their practicing agents are using up-to-date knowledge to best serve the public. Real estate licenses expire when these CE requirements aren’t fulfilled in a timely manner as dictated by each individual state’s real estate commission.

Pro Tip: Use Your Calendar to Set a Reminder 

One of the best ways to plan ahead and complete your state’s Continuing Education courses early is by putting your renewal dates into your calendar. It is not uncommon for agents to forget about their real estate education requirements until someone reminds them at the last minute. By being proactive and setting a reminder for yourself, you can avoid having your real estate license expire.

Reinstating Your Expired Real Estate License 

If your license expires, while not ideal, it’s not the end of the world. You can re-apply for your license, pay the late renewal fee, and get back to practicing real estate in your area - especially if you take quick action to restore your license status. Just as each state requires different Continuing Education coursework, each state has different requirements for how long you can hold an inactive license before renewing it. After a certain amount of time elapses, you may not be able to renew your license. The typical time frame for a simple license status update is a year. After that point, you may have to retake the CE in your state and pay a fine, though again, these consequences vary by state. We recommend visiting your specific state’s real estate commission website to understand what your specific requirements are for reinstating an expired license. For now, here’s an example of what you would have to do if your license expired in Alabama. 

Example: Alabama

The Alabama Real Estate Commission requires that CE is completed every even-numbered year. The license renewal date is 8/31, and the CE due date is 9/30. The CE renewal process in Alabama begins again in mid-June 2022. In essence, a real estate Salesperson License in Alabama is good for two years. Here are the Alabama renewal requirements:

  • To renew your license in Alabama for the current cycle, you must complete 15 hours of CE by 9/30/2022.
  • All licenses, except temporary Salesperson and temporary Broker Licenses,
  • expire at midnight on 9/30/2022.
  • Both active and inactive licenses must be renewed to remain current.
  • If a licensee has not renewed by 9/30, they will be placed on inactive status on 10/1/2022.
  • If at any point the Alabama Salesperson License expires, the process to activate a license starts over. That means enrolling in 60 hours of Pre-Licensing coursework, re-taking the Alabama real estate exam, and paying any related fees.  

To avoid having to deal with the hassle of renewal applications and reinstatement fees when activating an expired real estate license, know when your state’s CE requirements are due and understand the renewal time frame. If you stay up to date on your Continuing Education with The CE Shop, you can avoid any hiccups and continue to enjoy your active real estate license.