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10 Things Your Real Estate CRM Should Do For You
December 23, 2019

10 Things Your Real Estate CRM Should Do For You

by The CE Shop Team

Look for these 10 Key Features When Choosing Your Real Estate CRM

Leading real estate CRMs are the ultimate solution for busy agents. Whether you want to watch your referral business grow or capture and nurture leads, it’s like having the best admin that money can buy, helping you run your business. Here we review 10 key features that your real estate CRM should have and what it should do for you.

1) Organize and manage all of your contact data.

Your contact data is a mess. It’s scattered across multiple sources, it’s hard to find, and there are tons of duplicates and old or inaccurate data. The right real estate CRM will help you stay on top of your database by organizing and managing all of your contact data, providing you with rich contact profiles, easy contact categorization, and search and real-time sync with your Gmail, Outlook, and even your mobile phone.

2) Make sure you never lose touch with past clients.

You lose touch with past clients that you may have done great work for. Then because they can’t remember your name, you don’t get the referral and repeat business that you should have received. By incorporating a reliable real estate CRM into your daily work life, you won’t have to worry about staying in touch with past clients ever again. A CRM system should be automated and help you reach out to past clients even when you aren’t at the computer or by your phone. A Keep-in-Touch Coach, Monthly e-Newsletter, automated birthday and move-in anniversary reminders, as well as holiday e-Cards are just some of the ways your CRM will reach out to your past clients, keeping you top of mind.

3) Automate your lead capture, nurture, and conversion.

You are so busy that leads often fall through the cracks and don’t get the immediate response and ongoing nurturing they should receive. As a result, you waste money on lead generation efforts that have no payback. Having automated lead capture and text/email alert features in your CRM will certainly help you out tremendously. A reliable real estate CRM also assigns targeted lead nurture campaigns catering to the specific type of prospect that you are trying to reach.

4) Help you manage your business pipeline.

You have no way to understand your overall business pipeline, like how many hot leads versus long term prospects you have, or which leads need to be called today. With a pipeline management feature, you immediately have access to a visual overview and ability to drill down on contacts in different pipeline stages. You also have a high-level overview of how many prospects you have, including hot prospects, long-term, and even past clients that are your referral sources.

5) Make it easy to be an email and text marketing superstar.

Email marketing is hard. You don’t have time to write content, you struggle to communicate consistently and you don’t know which emails perform well and which don’t. You also want to use text for mass marketing, but you aren’t sure how to even get started. A real estate CRM should provide you with a monthly e-Newsletter, Marketing Activity Plans, Email Campaign Reporting, and Text Marketing to not only help you with your email and texting interaction, but also to help you manage and analyze your email and text correspondences. In the end, you will get a better perspective as to how effective your email and text marketing efforts are and what could be improved.

6) Let you do business from anywhere and on any device.

You are rarely in the office. You’re on the road constantly and work as often from your home, car, and Starbucks as you do from your office. You need to have easy access to your contact data, calendar, tasks, call list, active business, and more. A Mobile App for your iPhone or Android device, Google Sync to Gmail contacts, and calendar with the ability to sync to native phone apps is exactly what your real estate CRM should provide you. This will help you stay on track and organized without always having to be near a computer alleviating any stress you may have when you’re away from the desk.

7) Build your online presence with a lead-capture website.

Creating a nice website can be challenging and often expensive. You need an easy way to create a professional online presence with an IDX website that builds your brand and generates leads. Key agent website features are a lifesaver! With the right real estate CRM, you’ll have your own personalized and customizable agent website. Your website will enable you to connect with your contacts, gain hot leads, and maintain a prominent online presence.

8) Turn your social media marketing into a lead-gen machine.

Social media is a huge challenge. You know you should be posting actively, but you don’t have the time and often lack the inclination. Hiring a Social Media Assistant to post for you is also expensive. You need an automated system that provides engaging content at a price you can afford. A real estate CRM should come equipped with an automated social media posting feature. This tool should also capture your leads directly from your social media accounts.

9) Include goal setting and performance tracking.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.” You need to be able to set your goals and track your performance against those goals in real-time with automated reports. Paper-based goal setting doesn’t work as all the activity and performance data is in your CRM. A real estate CRM should enable you to access a high-level overview of all of your reports and analytics for maximum performance tracking. Performance tracking reports and a goal-setting feature are just some of the ways a CRM can help.

10) Help you manage all your listings, closings, and active buyers.

Contact management is critical, but transaction management is what pays your bills. You need a system to help you track all the data related to your listings, closings, and active buyers, including property details, key dates, open houses, third parties, and documents. You also need a system that tells you day-by-day what you need to do to move a listing or closing forward. A real estate CRM that comes equipped with an Active Business portal is the ultimate key to success. Immediately you will have a hands-on view of your active listings and buyers, prospective buyers, and business history without having to dig deep into your files and various folders.

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