Virginia Broker Pre-Licensing VA Real Estate Broker License FAQs

Every Question You Need Answered to Get Your Broker License in Virginia

We're here to help answer any questions you have about upgrading your license. Getting your broker license in Virginia is a big step, so to help we've collected and answered some frequently asked questions below.

How long does it take to get an Virginia real estate broker license?

If you have a salesperson license and have been actively engaged in real estate full-time (average 40 hours per week) for 36 out of the last 48 months, you will be required to take 180 hours of education. Those hours include a 45-Hour Real Estate Appraisal course, a 45-hour Real Estate Brokerage course, a 45-Hour Real Estate Finance course, and a 45-Hour Real Estate Investment course.

Applicants who have never held a license will first have to complete the 60-hour salesperson pre-licensing requirement and the 30 hours of post-licensing education and follow with the 180-hour broker requirement. Such applicants would need to also have been practicing for 36 out of the last 48 months before being able to apply for a broker license.

How long does it take to become a Virginia real estate broker?

It takes at least 36 months of experience in real estate full-time (average 40 hours per week) as a licensed real estate salesperson before one can qualify to become a real estate broker in Virginia. In addition to the experience requirement, candidates must complete the applicable Pre-Licensing education requirement, and pass the real estate broker qualifying exam administered by PSI.

Does Virginia have real estate license reciprocity for broker licenses?

Yes, applicants for a broker license must

  • pass the State portion of the examination,
  • submit verification of experience (actively engaged in real estate full-time (average 40 hours per week) as a salesperson or broker for 36 out of 48 months preceding application for licensure),
  • submit original transcripts or certified copies of transcripts from the educational institution where the applicant completed 180 classroom hours of broker pre-licensing courses substantially equivalent to Virginia's real estate education requirements, and
  • submit letters of certification from other jurisdictions where licensed.

Also, in order to apply through reciprocity, the broker MUST hold a current broker license in another state.

How much does it cost to get an Virginia real estate broker license?

The fixed costs include:

  • $60 for the broker exam fee

The variable costs include:

  • Pre-licensing education tuition

Note: These costs are subject to be changed by the state at any time.

How do I get an Virginia real estate broker license?

The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation requires the following from you:

  • Be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED. Additionally, candidates must have an active and valid real estate salesperson license and be actively engaged in real estate full-time (average 40 hours per week) for 36 of the past 48 months.
  • Complete all pre-licensing coursework (180 hours of pre-license education required)
  • Pass the Virginia broker real estate exam
  • Once you pass your Virginia real estate broker examination with PSI, directions on how to apply for your license will be provided in your passing score report. After you submit your licensing materials and pay the licensing fee, you will almost be finished with all of the steps necessary to become a broker.

How can I determine how many Continuing Education (CE) hours I have?

Your list of completed CE courses may be found using CE Lookup.

How long is the Virginia broker real estate license exam?

The exam is composed of 125 questions. You will be allotted 160 minutes to take the exam.

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