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Every Question You Need Answered to Get Your Real Estate License in Texas

We're here to help answer any questions you have about getting started in the real estate industry. Getting your real estate license in Texas is a big step, so to help we've collected and answered some frequently asked questions below.

How long does it take to get a Texas real estate license?

The amount of time to get your Texas real estate license is dependent on a number of factors, though most complete the requirements within four months. There are a number of steps to complete which include education, application, exam, fingerprints, background investigation, and sponsorship by an actively licensed Texas real estate broker.

How do I renew my Texas real estate license?

Prior to the renewal date one must complete the applicable Continuing Education requirements and pay the renewal fee. Continuing Education requirements may differ for those under the Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) requirement.

How much does it cost to get a Texas real estate license?

The total cost to get a Texas real estate license depends on a number of factors. State application and related fees are around $350 for a new sales agent, and the Texas Real Estate Salesperson Exam fee is $54. Pre-Licensing coursework tuition and fees may bring the total in excess of $1,000 depending on where you complete your coursework.

Note: These costs are subject to be changed by the state at any time.

How do I get a Texas real estate license?

  • Complete the 180-hour Pre-Licensing education requirement
  • Fill out the state application for a license and pay all the applicable fees
  • Complete the fingerprint requirements
  • Pass a background check
  • Successfully complete the Texas real estate exam
  • Obtain sponsorship by a real estate broker holding an active license

How long is the Texas real estate license exam?

The exam is composed of 110 questions. Two and a half hours are allotted to take the exam.


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