Proctoring Request

How To Submit A Proctoring Request

Proctoring requests can be made if you live more than 50 miles away from the nearest approved proctor provided by The CE Shop. Students seeking a proctor request should follow the process below.

Specific State Notices:

  • Students looking to sit for the New York course final exam must take the exam in the State of New York. There are no exceptions.
  • Students looking to sit for the Arizona course final exam are only allowed to use a testing center, learning center, college or university to proctor. No public libraries can be used as a proctor facility.

Finding/collecting proctor information and submitting a request:

  1. Locate a facility open to proctoring. Helpful tip: libraries, testing centers and community colleges are all common facilities open to proctoring.
  2. Ensure you have contacted the facility and they have agreed to proctor.
  3. Obtain the applicable information required from the proctor facility (facility name, contact person, physical address, telephone number, facility contact person email address).
  4. Submit request via the form located here.

Once the form has been submitted:

  • The CE Shop receives request and reviews the request.
  • The Proctor Coordinator will review the request.
  • The CE Shop will notify the student upon completion of the review.

For assistance, please contact Customer Service.