Tennessee Post-Licensing Course: Real Estate Finance

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Tennessee Post-Licensing COURSE

Tennessee Post-Licensing:Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Finance

30.0 Total hours
30.0 Elective hours
0.0 Mandatory hours

This course offers 30 hours of financial topics applicable to your real estate business. Learn about loan terms, types and issues; government loan programs; defaults and foreclosures; instruments used in real estate financing; and government influence on financing.

Course highlights:

  • Federal legislation affecting real estate and mortgages
  • The role HUD, FHA and VA in real estate financing
  • Mortgages, deeds of trust, their common clauses and provisions, and applicable foreclosure rules
  • The subprime market, predatory lending, and mortgage fraud
  • Specialty loan products including piggyback, equity loans, and participation agreements, and creative financing including assumptions, modifications and seller financing
  • Workshop-based activities for calculating principal, interest, taxes, and insurance