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Oklahoma CE:Oklahoma Broker Relationships Act

Oklahoma Broker Relationships Act

1 Total hours
0 Elective hours
1 Mandatory hours
This course counts as 1 CE hours in the Broker Relationships Act (BRA) Required Topic.

Real estate professionals assist and serve the needs of buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. In doing so, they facilitate the sale or lease of real property between the two parties—consummating in successfully closed real estate transactions. 

The Oklahoma Broker Relationships Act evolves to protect the interests of consumers. This course shows how brokers can use the Act’s tenets to inform the public about their services, duties and role so that all parties can make the right decisions regarding the level and type of services they require and receive.       

Course highlights include:

  • A historical perspective of broker relationships in Oklahoma
  • Primary amendments to the Broker Relationships Act
  • Duties that apply to all parties, and those that apply only to the parties to whom a broker provides brokerage services
  • How limited service and fee-for-service business models operate under the Broker Relationships Act
  • Activities and scenarios to reinforce key concepts