Missouri Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Representation Options in the State of Missouri

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Missouri CE:Representation Options in the State of Missouri

Representation Options in the State of Missouri

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Core hours

Real estate hinges on the concept of agency and non-agency (or transaction brokerage), in which real estate professionals represent the needs of the buyer and/or the seller.  This representation or assistance works to perform the needed steps to enable the sale of real property between the seller and the buyer.

Buyers and sellers have specific legal rights when working with you on either the selling/landlord representation side or the buying/tenant representation side. 

This course outlines representation options and explains the duties required of you by Missouri license law.  We'll also look at the disclosures and agreements necessary to enter agency and transaction brokerage relationships.

Course highlights:

  • Representation options in Missouri
  • Duties owed to clients vs customers
  • Designated vs. dual agency
  • Transaction brokerage vs. agency relationships
  • Minimum service requirements
  • Written vs. implied agency agreements
  • What to do when a brokerage relationship changes
  • Why and when agency disclosure is required
  • Types of brokerage service agreements
  • Role play of agency representation