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Massachusetts CE:Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

2 Total hours
0 Elective hours
2 Module hours

Environmental issues for properties can derail a transaction, cause safety issues for the occupants, hinder certain uses of a property, and leave licensees open for litigation for failure to disclose, negligent representation, and anything else the lawyers can dream up. 

This three-hour course helps licensees take a proactive approach to understanding what environmental issues may need to be addressed, such as testing and remediation. It also covers compliance requirements that may impact a property’s sale and subsequent use.

The course meets Massachusett’s continuing education requirement for real estate licensees to increase their knowledge and understanding of environmental issues in real estate.

This course covers:

  • The relationship between caveat emptor and required disclosures
  • Circumstances by which certain disclosures must be made
  • Environmental hazards impacting the interior of a property
  • Environmental hazards on property grounds and surrounds
  • Laws and regulations related to environmental issues.