Massachusetts Continuing Education Course: Comparative Market Analysis

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Massachusetts CE:Comparative Market Analysis

Comparative Market Analysis

2.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
2.0 Module hours

This two-hour course helps licensees assist sellers in setting a realistic price range based on the current market. The course is an elective to supplement core course study.         

Course highlights include:

  • The definitions of a comparative market analysis and an appraisal.
  • A discussion of the three approaches to value: sales comparison, cost, and income.
  • An examination of the selection of comparable properties.
  • An explanation of the principle of substitution.
  • A review of the uses of a CMA.
  • The difference between appraisers and licensees when determining value.
  • An overview of Massachusetts appraisal licenses and qualifications.
  • Interactive activities and scenarios to seal in the new information and frame it in everyday context