Hawaii Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course: 80-Hr. HI Broker Pre-Licensing Premium Package

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Hawaii Pre-Licensing PACKAGE

Hawaii Pre-Licensing:80-Hr. HI Broker Pre-Licensing Premium Package

80-Hr. HI Broker Pre-Licensing Premium Package

80 Total hours
0 Elective hours
80 Mandatory hours

This package includes everything you need to get your Hawaii Broker license and first license renewal package for free!*

You will receive the 80-Hr. HI Broker Pre-Licensing Course, as well as credit for the 20 hours of continuing education required to renew your Broker license.

By completing this course, you will have a thorough understanding of key real estate principles covering fundamental topics like real estate law, financing principles, property management, contracts, & more. In addition to these key principles, there is a large focus on the relationship and responsibilities of a broker, including, but not limited to the formulation of a brokerage, ethics, financial records, & advertising. The course also features incremental questions (formative questions) after each lesson that are designed to provide a practical knowledge of brokerage for real estate professionals.

*Includes credit for a 20-Hr. Hawaii Broker CE Package.