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Mortgage Loan Officer Resume Examples & Writing Tips

Mortgage Loan Officer Resume Examples & Writing Tips

by The CE Shop Team

What to Include on a Mortgage Loan Officer Resume

The great thing about the mortgage industry is that much of your previous work experience will lend itself well to your new mortgage career. Now, the key is showing potential employers just how that experience will help you be an invaluable part of their mortgage team. This guide will cover the basics of taking your experience, skills, and credentials, and weaving them into a well-prepared resume. 

Employment History

A lot of people in the mortgage industry came from other professions —  and that’s a good thing because mortgage professionals work with folks from all types of backgrounds. Whether you're using a resume builder or you're starting from scratch, start with your most recent experience and work your way back, highlighting aspects of your past jobs that you think relate well to the mortgage industry. 

An example might be: 

7th Grade English Teacher - (insert your hometown) Public Schools - 7/15 - Current 

  • Built and nurtured lasting relationships with students as well as parents by using a CRM. Experienced an overall 20% improvement in performance across the class.


Credit Analyst - (insert financial institution of your choice) - 8/18 - Current

  • With high attention to detail, collected financial information, ensured completeness of loan documents, and performed underwriting duties by examining credit histories, as well as tax returns, to determine creditworthiness of loan applicants. 

Relevant Skills

Mortgage Loan Originators are dynamic, well-rounded individuals with an entrepreneurial drive. Mention the skills you possess that, when given the opportunity and tools, will help you build your career as a lender. The mortgage business is a people business, so be sure to include any sales, marketing, or customer service skills you may have. Of course, we also live in an increasingly digitized world so don’t forget to mention your proficiency working with tech. 

An example might be: 

Skills: Proficiency with Salesforce, networking event planning, relationship building, time management, marketing content creation, etc. 

Education & Mortgage Credentials 

Education is a cornerstone of many resumes. The mortgage world is no different. In addition to your current level of education — whether that be a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, or even your Ph.D. — you’ll want to include that you’ve completed your mortgage education and have obtained a license in the state with which you intend to work. This shows potential employers and recruiters that you’re set to hit the ground running. 

Writing a Resume with no Prior Mortgage Work Experience 

From those who come from financial services to those just looking to improve their own financial situation, the mortgage industry is supported by individuals who bring their experience from past careers. However, if you’re new to the workforce or just new to the industry in general, the good news is that your experience is still valuable - even if your only experience with loan products and the loan process is as a borrower. Not sure how your background can be turned into fertile ground for a blossoming mortgage career? The table below should help shed some light on how your experience can be plated on your resume.

Previous Work Experience 

Mortgage-Related Skill 


Excellent customer service/interpersonal communication/making a great first impression.


Helping customers visualize a use for a product/presentation.


Discipline, attention to detail, and experience working with sensitive information. Or perhaps personal experience working with VA loan approval. 


Time management, impeccable organization, and networking (students and their parents are great for referrals).

Artist/Graphic Designer

Marketing, social media, infographics, and communicating through visuals. 


Multi-tasking, and knowledge of building costs/understanding of the importance of real estate. 

Customer Service

Excellent communication skills, problem-solving, and tech proficiency. 


Organization, meeting deadlines, teamwork, and time management.  

General Business/Administrative (General)

Valuable tech proficiency, communication skills, teamwork, knowing how to read financial statements, organization, and business relationships that could lead to new clients. 

Real Estate Agent

Understanding of the residential mortgage loan pipeline, knowledge of loan programs (like FHA loans), and familiarity with mortgage loan applications. Clients looking to refinance. Networking through the National Association of REALTORs® (if a member).

Sales (General)

Practiced in the art of cold calls, meeting sales goals, and an entrepreneurial drive. 

Pro Tip: 

There’s never been a better time to snag a mortgage job. With sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and others, there are thousands of mortgage job postings at your fingertips. Make sure your resume — once finished — is posted on all of those sites and tailor your cover letters to the job description.  

Mortgage Loan Officer Resume Sample 

Johnny Hopeful | Bakersfield CA | (123) 456-7891| 


Detail-oriented Teller with 4+ years of experience managing financial information, safeguarding customer privacy and bank assets, and a track record of building relationships with customers. 


Nevada Western - Aug '13 - May '15
Associate of Arts in Marketing

20-hrs of SAFE MLO Pre-Licensing Education 


Mortgage Loan Originator License - California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation
NMLS #: 1233456


Smalls Credit Union, Teller | Jul '19 - Current

  • Execute transactions totalling up to $55K each day; recognized for maintaining consistently balanced drawers. 
  • Maintain the utmost level of confidentiality on behalf of clients.
  • Rearranged client stationary to improve customer satisfaction, resulting in a wait time decrease of ~5 minutes per transaction. 
  • Monitor balances of 2 ATMs, and help customers with various functions as necessary.

Bigs Bank, Teller | Aug '17 - Jul '19

  • Managed customers' needs in-person, online, and via phone for a high-volume bank, completing 150+ daily transactions.
  • Closely adhered to standard policies and procedures, ensuring that financial liability is minimized and customer information remained secure. 
  • Acted as the face of the bank for all customers upon arrival, directing them to the appropriate service.


Microsoft Office Suite (Including Excel), Digital Banking Platforms, Customer Service, Problem Solving

*References available upon request

Blank Mortgage Loan Officer Resume Template 

Finally ready to build a resume of your own? Resume format and design are completely up to you, but be sure to include the sections from the template below: 








  • (JOB DUTY)
  • (JOB DUTY)
  • (JOB DUTY)
  • (JOB DUTY)





Regardless of your professional background, financial status, or location, there are many paths to success in the mortgage industry. Treat snagging your first mortgage job like your first sale, be persistent, present your best self, hold a positive outlook, and keep at it — this is just the beginning of a brilliant future with a new business.