Massachusetts Salesperson Pre-Licensing How to Become a MA Real Estate Agent

5 Steps Toward Getting Your Massachusetts Salesperson License

Getting licensed for your new career might seem a bit daunting, but we’re here to guide you through the process. Read on to learn the five steps you’ll need to take before starting your career in Massachusetts real estate.




To start,

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have a social security number.

  1. Complete 40 hours of approved Massachusetts Pre-Licensing education.

    Complete 40 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education, as required by the Massachusetts Real Estate Board. The CE Shop is an approved education provider in the state of Massachusetts.

    The CE Shop offers this mandatory course through its advanced web-based platform, where the best of the classroom is combined with the flexibility and convenience of online learning. We prepare you for your licensing exam while providing you with the knowledge you need to begin a promising career in real estate.

  2. Pass the course final exam.

    After you complete all the course materials and meet the minimum time requirement, there is a course final exam consisting of 100 questions. A minimum score of 75% is required to pass this exam.

  3. Gain approval from the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons.

    Before you can take the real estate licensing exam, you must first obtain three candidate endorsements from individuals unrelated to you. These individuals do not have to be Massachusetts residents.

    You will then mail your application to the PSI office in Las Vegas to get pre-approved to take the licensing exam.

  4. Pass the Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson Examination.

    Next you will take the Massachusetts salesperson licensing exam, which is administered by PSI. The National portion of the exam consists of 80 questions to be answered within 150 minutes. The State portion consists of 40 questions to be answered within 90 minutes. For more information, see the Massachusetts Candidate Information Bulletin.

  5. Choose a sponsoring broker.

    As you go through the process of earning your license, you’ll need to be sponsored by a Massachusetts real estate broker. Picking the right broker to work with you is a key success factor to building your new career. Here are a few questions to consider when lookin for a sponsoring broker:

    • What is their reputation, both locally and nationally?
    • What kind of real estate agents are they looking for?
    • Are they technologically advanced and up-to-date with the latest systems?
    • How do they support their agents with education and training?
    • What kind of commission structure do they offer?
    • Do they offer benefits?
    • Do they provide their agents with leads and marketing material?
    • Is there room to grow with the brokerage?


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