Hawaii Broker Pre-Licensing How To Get Your HI Real Estate License

Learn the Steps To Become a Real Estate Broker In Hawaii

Are you ready to become a real estate broker in Hawaii? In this guide, we cover the steps you’ll need to take to upgrade your real estate salesperson license and take your Hawaii real estate career to the next level.

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  • Be at least 18 years of age by the exam date.
  • Must have a High School Diploma or its equivalent.
  • Be a U.S. citizen, a U.S. National, or authorized to work in the U.S. by the exam date.
  • Must provide a Social Security number for verification.
  • Possess a reputation for or record of competency, honesty, and financial integrity.
  • Must have experience as a full-time Hawaii-licensed real estate salesperson associated with a Hawaii-licensed real estate broker for at least three (3) years of the five-year period immediately prior to the submission of the "Application for Experience - Real Estate Broker.”

  1. Complete 80 hours of Commission-Approved Pre-Licensing education.

    After you’ve met the prerequisites, the next step is to complete the required 80-hours of commission-approved Pre-Licensing education. If you’ve already completed the Broker Pre-Licensing education, you can move on to the Broker License exam so long as your education requirement has been satisfied within the past two years.

    You can also obtain a Pre-Licensing education equivalency certificate and move on to the state-issued exam if you meet one of the following:

    • You’re Licensed in Another State: If you hold (or have held within a year) a current salesperson or broker license in another state with similar or superior Pre-Licensing education requirements (as determined by the commission).
    • You Hold a Law Degree: If you’re a graduate of an accredited law school in the United States.
    • You Have a Bachelor’s in Real Estate or Business: If you hold a bachelor's degree in real estate or business from an accredited college or university in the United States (this is only for salesperson candidates).

    *The original Pre-Licensing education equivalency certificate (valid for 2 years from issuance) must be presented at the exam and when the license application is submitted.

    According to the Hawaii Professional & Vocational Licensing Division, applicants must have a history of competency, honesty, financial integrity, and fair dealing. If you’re unsure whether you qualify, you can apply for a “preliminary non-binding decision” before you begin your education and exams. To do so, refer to the application instructions and include any requested documentation.

  2. Create an eHawaii Account (if you don’t already have one)

    All applicants must register an account with eHawaii and use it to send all official certificates. Printed certificates from TheCEShop.com will not be accepted at the time of the final state Broker exam.

    When you sign up, be sure to use your name as it’s printed on your government-issued ID. Any discrepancies here can prevent you from being admitted to the exam. To keep things streamlined, it’s recommended that you register with eHawaii using the same email address that you use for TheCEShop.com.

  3. Pass the Hawaii Pre-Licensing Course Final Exams

    Once you’ve completed the course materials, have met the minimum seat time requirement, and have created your eHawaii account, it’s time to take the course’s final exam (not to be confused with the state issued Broker exam). The course final exam, which consists of 130 questions, requires a 70% score to pass. Passing this exam completes your Broker Pre Licensing education. The official education completion certificate will be issued through your eHawaii account and is valid for two years from the issuing date.

  4. Pass the Hawaii Broker Licensing Exam

    As stated in the prerequisite requirements, those taking the state-issued Broker Licensing exam must have three years of experience (within the past five years immediately prior to taking the exam) working for a licensed Hawaii broker (or equivalent experience from another state). The “Application for Experience – Real Estate Broker” is subject to commission approval, so be sure that it’s completed and approved before scheduling your state Broker exam.

    Examination dates and information can be found in the Hawaii Real Estate Candidate Information Bulletin that’s issued to those who have passed their Pre-Licensing coursework. Individuals who have obtained the Pre-Licensing Education Equivalency can coordinate testing directly with PSI Services.

  5. Apply for your Hawaii Broker’s License

    The final step before embarking on your new venture as a broker is to actually apply for the Broker’s License. Again, applicants must apply within two years of passing the state-issued exam. To apply, candidates must include:

    • Payment in the amount indicated on the score report
    • The original school completion certificate or pre-licensing education equivalency certificate
    • Proof that the candidate has maintained a reputation of competency, honesty, truthfulness, financial integrity, and fair dealing.
  6. Start your own Brokerage Firm

    Congratulations, it’s time to start your own brokerage firm and get to work building your real estate empire. Brokers must register (including the business name and which type of company they choose e.g. sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.) with Business Registration Division (BREG) at www.hawaii.gov/dcca/breg-seu. It's also wise to consult with both your tax and insurance professionals as you take the next big step in your real estate career.

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