Real Estate License Online

Real Estate License Online

by The CE Shop Team

Industry Leaders in Online Real Estate Education

Whether you're looking for Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep, Post-Licensing, or Continuing Education, The CE Shop has you covered. As industry leaders in online real estate education, we know great real estate agents never stop learning, and we're devoted to innovating and evolving as you do. Our convenient online real estate courses are written by industry experts. Why is that important, you may ask? Whether you want to get a real estate license online or take a real estate Pre-Licensing course, the only way we succeed is when you succeed.

Online, Affordable Real Estate Licensing

The CE Shop offers Exam Prep Edge and Continuing Education courses to the real estate industry in all 50 states and D.C. We also offer Pre-Licensing online real estate courses in 34 states and counting. Finally, our Post-Licensing courses are available in 23 states. Not only do we offer courses for the majority of the nation, but our courses are tailored to your specific state. We’ve dissected your state’s Candidate Handbook to break down what you need to know in order to pass your real estate exam. The best aspect of getting your real estate license online is the convenience. Whether you approach it like a full-time job or only log in on the weekends, it’s entirely up to you. Even better? You won’t break the bank to pay for it.

Try Our Real Estate License Free Trial

Embarking on your journey into the real estate industry requires time and dedication. That’s why we give you a chance to try our courses for free. Just starting out? Try our 5-day risk-free trial for Pre-Licensing. We also offer a free initial assessment for Exam Prep. Other than that, keep an eye on our website on a month-to-month basis for potential free real estate courses. Our courses engage you from start to finish and will help you effectively learn and retain vital information for every chapter of your real estate career. There’s a reason why over 50,000 real estate professionals choose us as their go-to education resource every month.

Best in Industry Customer Service

What really separates The CE Shop from typical in-classroom learning is our commitment to customer service. Our customer service representatives are available to you 7 days a week via phone, email, and chat. If you ever have a question or need help with a real estate course, our trained Course Advisors are ready to assist. The same isn’t true with in-person learning, where you must wait until you’re back in the classroom to get answers or clarity. Being able to get help when you need it just makes online real estate classes even more convenient.

Industry Leaders in Pass Rates

Do our courses actually help the students who take them? It's a valid question, and one you've probably been wondering. As much as we can brag about how great our courses are, they're worthless unless they actually help you get your real estate license or further your real estate career. Here's the cool part: they really do.

Our courses work, but we don't think it's fair to you to just leave it at that. We consistently poll our students to make sure we're practicing what we preach, and we have the data to back it up.

Prepare for Your State Exam With Our Pass Rate Guarantee

It’s one thing to say that we’re helping students, but, as the saying goes, numbers never lie. 74% of The CE Shop students passed the real estate exam on their first attempt. The reason for that success rate? Our Exam Prep Edge. Our experts took apart your state’s Candidate Handbook and made it interactive, so studying is easier and more efficient. Not only will you have the confidence to pass your test by knowing what to expect, but you’ll also eliminate the added pressure and stress of having to think about what happens if you don’t do well.

Resources for Your Entire Career

The support from The CE Shop doesn’t end when you get your real estate license; we’re here to assist with every stage of your career. Once you complete the steps to become a real estate agent, you’ll need to take Continuing Education (CE) courses in order to maintain your real estate license. These classes are mandated nationwide to keep you up-to-date on new developments, laws, and current events in real estate. Most continuing education classes are affordable and can be taken online.

4 Steps to Get Your Real Estate License

  1. Complete Your Pre-Licensing Education Hours and Pass Your School’s Final Exam

    Before you can begin to take real estate practice tests, you must first complete your Pre-Licensing hours. If you haven’t done so already, you can purchase your state’s Pre-Licensing courses here.

  2. Prepare for and Pass Your State’s Real Estate Exam

    Exam Prep Edge allows you to take a free initial assessment, then receive feedback on the topics you’ve mastered and the ones you need to study harder. Once you complete the initial assessment, you'll study lessons by topic and improve your score with our real-time dashboards while taking unlimited simulated practice exams to fully prepare you for your state licensing exam. We cover everything you need to know from both a national and state perspective based on your state’s Candidate Handbook.

  3. Apply for Your License, Get a Background Check, and Pay All Required Fees

    You will be able to find the application on your state’s real estate commission website. Please note you may need to apply for the license before taking the state exam, and this requirement varies by state. Check your state’s real estate commission website to determine how to proceed. There will be a fee to apply that usually ranges between $100 and $300. At this time, you’ll most likely be required to submit a background check that the state will review before licensing. Each state varies in how long they take to review your application and respond.

  4. Get Your License, Join a Brokerage, and Launch Your New Real Estate Career

    When you get to this point, celebrate. You did it! You’re now free to begin your career as a licensed real estate agent. As a licensee, you’re licensed to sell real estate on behalf of a broker but not as an independent entity, so it’s important to do your research on local brokers and choose the one that fits you. As for how to be a real estate agent, the broker you choose can set you up for success if they’re a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Your Real Estate License Online

How long does it take to get your real estate license online?

The entire process of becoming a real estate agent typically takes a couple of months. If it’s possible to treat the process of how you become a real estate agent like a regular, 40-hour/week job, then you can become an agent surprisingly fast. Otherwise, go at your own pace and enjoy the process.

How much does it cost to get your real estate license online?

Costs vary from state to state, but relative to other industries, real estate has a relatively low barrier to entry. When becoming a real estate agent, you can expect to spend anywhere from $150-$750 for quality Pre-Licensing education. Then there’s your state’s exam and licensing fee, which varies by state. In Texas, for example, a new sales agent will pay around $54 to take the exam and $350 for the new license.

Is getting your real estate license online better than in-person?

There are pros and cons to any decision in life, and choosing between online courses vs. in-classroom learning for obtaining your real estate license is no different.

The pros to our online real estate courses include:

  • Flexibility for your schedule because our online courses are accessible 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Convenience and a great product experience with inquiry-based content that’s engaging and delivers what you need to become a licensed and successful real estate agent.
  • A mastery-based advancement approach and linear content progression.

Is it worth getting your real estate license?

Aside from the fact that most states require you to get a real estate license to practice real estate, it is absolutely worth getting your license. The last thing you want to do is limit what you can do in your real estate career, namely how much you can earn and learn.

What kind of jobs can I get with a real estate license?

Having a real estate license can open doors for your career that go beyond just buying and selling homes as a real estate agent. There are a number of options you may not have considered that can be both rewarding and profitable, including:

  • Real Estate Managing Broker
  • Commercial Real Estate Agent
  • Residential Appraiser

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