Take A Free Real Estate Exam Prep Test

Take a Free Real Estate Exam Prep Test

by The CE Shop Team

Your Free Real Estate Practice Exam

Taking a test is stressful. Even if you think you’re prepared, there is always a sliver of doubt in the back of your mind. Taking your real estate exam is no exception. In order to feel more confident, many students look for a practice real estate exam before they take their licensing exam. The best practice tests won’t only go over the questions and topics that are covered on your state’s exam; they’ll give you confidence that you can ace your test on the first try. In the process, they’ll also set you up to become the best real estate agent.


All of the following are agency relationships EXCEPT:

  1. the attorney-client relationship
  2. the real estate salesperson-buyer relationship
  3. the real estate broker-buyer relationship
  4. the listing broker-seller relationship
  5. None of the above - they all have agency relationships

Do you know the answer to this question? The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge gives you free access to similar questions for your state. After you review the types of questions you’ll encounter, you can purchase our affordable Exam Prep Edge for a full analysis of your results that will help you determine which subjects you need to study more.

What type of questions are on the national portion of the real estate exam?

In most situations, you should expect your real estate licensing exam to be around 100-150 multiple-choice questions. That count includes about 60-80 state-specific questions and about 80-100 questions related to general real estate concepts.

Here’s an idea of some of the topics to expect on the
real estate exam:

  • Real Property Characteristics
  • Freehold Estates
  • Real Estate Ownership
  • Land and Property Descriptions
  • Monetary and Non-Monetary Incumbrances
  • Local, State, and Other Government Restrictions
  • Real Property Liens
  • Agency and Agency Relationships
  • Real Estate Brokerage

What type of questions are on the state portion of the real estate exam?

As for the state portion of the real estate exam, expect state-specific questions. Each state provides a Candidate Handbook that outlines everything you need to know for your exam. However, it’s a lengthy text that takes a considerable amount of time to read. Fortunately, we have the solution: Exam Prep Edge. Our experts took apart your state’s Candidate Handbook and made it interactive, making studying easier and more efficient.

Here are some of the general topics you can expect

  • Buyer and Listing Agency Agreements
  • Contract Law
  • Transfer of Property Title
  • Financing Principles
  • Property Management
  • Leasing
  • Appraisals
  • Investment Analysis
  • Real Property Environmental Issues
  • Settlement

How can I pass my real estate exam? 6 helpful tips for your real estate exam

If you’re concerned about how to pass your real estate exam, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions we get. So, how can you pass your real estate exam? What should you do to study? Every student learns and studies differently. Aside from signing up for our real estate Exam Prep Edge study tool, we feel these six tips that will help you pass your real estate exam and give you the confidence to ace it.

  1. Use flashcards
  2. Use mnemonic devices
  3. Study effectively
  4. Complete as many practice exams as possible
  5. Allocate practice time
  6. Don’t stress - you can retake the test

What if you fail the real estate exam?

You can usually take the test again within a few days, though some states limit the number of attempts before you are required to retake your Pre-Licensing education. You may also have to pay additional fees to retake the exam if you don’t pass. In order to avoid the stress of this scenario, sign up for The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge. Not only will you have the confidence to pass your test and will know what to expect, but you’ll also eliminate the added pressure and stress of having to think about what happens if you don’t pass your test.

The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge advantage

We took apart your state’s Candidate Handbook and created the simplest and most efficient way for you to learn everything you need to know. No more second-guessing “Will this be on the exam?” Unlike our competitors who leave the guesswork up to you, we provide unlimited practice exams while highlighting the important material for acing your upcoming exam.

Here’s what’s included in The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge

  • Initial Assessment
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Content Based on Your State’s Candidate Handbook
  • Individual Lessons Per Topic
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface
  • Support When You Need It


Learn Your Strengths Before Taking the Real Estate Exam

Perhaps the most important factor in learning your strengths and weaknesses is to practice, practice, practice. The more you take practice real estate exams, the more comfortable you will become. You’ll also get a feel for the questions you do well on, and the ones you don’t. When you use The CE Shop for your real estate exam prep, regardless of where you live, the practice tests are tailored for your state. Each time you take a practice real estate test, the questions are different in order to best mimic the real exam.

Steps to Sign Up for Your Free Real Estate
Exam Prep Assessment

  1. Make sure you’ve completed your Pre-Licensing hours

    Before you can begin to take real estate practice tests, you first have to complete your Pre-Licensing hours. If you haven’t done so already, you can purchase your state’s Pre-Licensing courses here.

  2. Sign up for exam prep

    Once you’ve completed your Pre-Licensing hours, sign up for an exam prep course. First, pick the state where you need the real estate exam prep. Once you pick your state, you’ll see a list of options such as national, state, or a combination of national and state topics.

  3. Take your free real estate exam prep assessment

    This assessment provides you feedback on the topics you've already mastered, as well as the ones you still have to spend time studying. While the exam prep assessment is free, you do have to pay for the results.

  4. Get your results and see which subjects you need to work on

    Once you have completed the free initial assessment and paid to unlock Exam Prep Edge, you'll gain access to our lesson plans featuring all the national and state topics included in your state's Candidate Handbook.

  5. Enroll in Exam Prep Edge for extra assistance if you need more help

    After you enroll, you'll study lessons by topic and improve your score with our real-time dashboards while taking unlimited simulated practice exams to fully prepare you for your state exam.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Real Estate Exam

How many questions are on the real estate licensing exam?

As noted earlier, you should expect your real estate licensing exam to be around 100-150 multiple-choice questions; this includes about 60-80 state-specific questions, and about 80-100 questions related to generally universal real estate concepts.

What is the best way to study for the real estate exam?

Every person will have strategies that work best for them. In general, we feel this is a best practice for how to prepare for your real estate licensing exam.

  • Use flashcards
  • Use mnemonic devices
  • Study effectively
  • Complete as many practice exams as possible
  • Allocate practice time
  • Don’t stress

What is the difference between the state and national portions of the real estate exam?

For both portions of the exam, you will be asked to show knowledge and proficiency in real estate policies, practices, terminology, responsibilities, and expectations. The biggest difference is that the questions in the state portion will be state-specific. The national questions are broader.

How hard is it to pass the real estate exam?

That depends on the individual. If you haven’t studied or taken practice real estate exams, it would be incredibly difficult to pass your real estate licensing exam. If you’ve done what is recommended in this piece, and you’ve studied effectively, taken multiple practice assessments, and figured out what your strengths and weaknesses are, you’ll have confidence that you are not only prepared to pass but ace your test on the first try. But it all starts with preparation. That’s why our Exam Prep Edge is so helpful. It’s tailored to the user.

What score do you need to pass the real estate exam?

Most states require a minimum score of at least 70-75% correct in order to pass the real estate exam.