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40 Unique Blog Topics for Real Estate Agents

by The CE Shop Team

Why Real Estate Agents Need a Killer Blog 

One of the most powerful marketing tools you have in real estate is a great blog. If your blog is updated consistently with real estate blog topics that are relevant and fresh, you’ll stand out in a sea of competition. There’s no shortage of real estate topics to write about; as long as you’re publishing high-quality content, people will find it. It may take time for your blog to build authority on search engines, but when it’s done correctly, consistent content is an effective way to get organic traffic, and more traffic garners more leads. 

Blogging About Your Local Real Estate Market 

1. Housing Trends

This is one of those real estate blogging ideas that is one of the most relevant and searchable. Potential clients will want to know whether your market leans toward the buyer or the seller. 

2. Schools

How successful are the school districts in your market? If you include a map of where they are, this real estate blog topic could become a large traffic piece for your website. 

3. Local Crime Information

When people are on the hunt for a new home, especially families with kids, they want to know about the crime level of the area. When this real estate blog idea is presented and sourced correctly, it can help build your overall authority. 

4. Employment Opportunities 

The job market in your area is always a real estate blog topic that can perform incredibly well. Since it’s a subject that influences where people live, it’s one you should definitely cover.

5. Local Politics

There’s always a risk when writing about politics, but it can be done professionally. For example, you could offer your thoughts on local laws that impact the real estate industry. 

6. Luxury Properties

This topic allows you to have some fun with a real estate agent blog idea. People always want to know the luxury properties in your area, and if you can include photos, your post will perform even better. 

7. Flipped Properties 

Thanks to HGTV, homes that have been flipped are hot real estate agent blog ideas. If you’re able to quote the parties involved, you’ll build even more authority for you and your blog. 

8. Homeowners Associations in the Area

Potential homebuyers will want to know if there’s an HOA attached to their dream property. If you provide a list of the places in your area that have HOAs and how much their membership fee is, you’ll provide incredibly useful content for possible clients. 

9. Property Taxes 

There's a lot more to budget for with a new home than just the mortgage. You can help educate clients about the amount they should expect to pay on property taxes. 

10. Public Transportation

Does your city offer public transportation, and, if so, where? If you’re able to provide a map, you will become known for your user-friendly and helpful real estate blog ideas. 

Blogging About Local Activities and Attractions

11. Highlight Local Restaurants 

This is one of those real estate blogging ideas that allow you to partake in some link-sharing. By highlighting local restaurants and linking to their pages, those restaurants could link back to your website in return - it never hurts to ask! 

12. Parks

Where are the parks in your area? If you’re able to include a map of these green spaces, you’ll engage visitors and keep them on your site. 

13. Local Getaways 

For people new to the area, they may not know about nearby attractions or vacation spots. To really pack a punch, include places even the locals may not know about. 

14. Places of Worship

Potential clients may want to know where they can attend a religious service. Include when sessions are typically held to provide even more useful content. 

15. Nightlife and Entertainment

If your area has a vibrant nightlife, highlighting it on your blog is a great way to attract a younger clientele. 

Highlighting Listings 

16. Feature New Listings 

This is a real estate blog idea that could be updated weekly. With frequent updates, you’ll encourage visitors to return to your site, which builds your following over time.

17. Promote Open Houses

Similar to new listings, this is one of those real estate topics to write about that could be updated weekly — or as often as you’d like. To really make this real estate blogging idea shine, highlight the properties you’re promoting with interactive photos and videos. 

Pro Tip: 

When it comes to your blog, creating high-quality content is crucial as this practice will drive traffic to your site. You also need to discover the keywords that you want to target with your content. While using keywords will boost your marketing efforts, avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing occurs when a website uses keywords unnaturally and frequently in the hopes of getting picked up by the search engines - but that leads to unreadable content for users. Do your best to use all keyword references naturally in your content. 

Ideas to Target Specific Audiences 

18. Sellers

How long will a seller have to wait on average before their home is sold? To really make this real estate blog topic pop, quote recent customers of yours who have sold their homes. 

19. Buyers

Provide tips and tricks for buyers looking to purchase a property in your area. Build your authority with well-researched suggestions tailored to your specific market.

20. Investors

The best content strategy for this subject is to highlight investors in your area. Break down whether or not your market is investor-friendly and what that means for buyers and sellers.

21. Families

This topic ties back to the earlier topics of local crime and school districts; what do families think of the area in which you practice real estate? Reflect on their thoughts in a blog post.

22. Pet Friendly 

If people are looking to rent, a real estate blog topic that covers places that allow pets would be incredibly useful. 

23. Moving Tips

Since this is one of those real estate blogging ideas that gets covered ad nauseam, find a way to make it different. Include a video and/or podcast on your blog to make your moving tips more engaging. 

Blogging About Yourself

24. Highlight Reviews and Testimonials

If you have great reviews from previous customers, show them off! It’s common for potential clients to seek out testimonials when looking for a real estate agent, so make yours easy to find. 

25. Proven Track Record of Success

If you beat the typical listing time or bring sellers more than they ask, brag about it. The point of your blog is to make people aware of your services; explaining the benefits you bring to the table makes potential clients more inclined to work with you.

26. About You

One of the toughest things to do is sell yourself. But, if you’re honest and present your authentic self, people will flock to you and want to know more. 

27. Why You Love Real Estate

Tell the story of why you got into real estate and how you’ve been able to make peoples’ dreams come true. Make sure to add anecdotes from the customers who you’ve helped and the impact that had on you. 

General Real Estate Topics 

28. Home Renovations

In terms of real estate blog ideas, this is the content you can have fun with. How-to renovation guides and step-by-step blog articles are always great for search rankings and helpful for users. 

29. Finding Your Dream Home Tips

Whether this article is written in first person or via input from the experts, everyone wants to know how to find their dream home. As is the case for all of these subjects, make sure your content is unique and fresh. 

30. Common Mistakes Sellers Make

This is an evergreen real estate blog topic that is especially for first-time sellers. Bulleted lists are always helpful to attract Google and the other search engines, so use this format to your advantage. 

31. Common Mistakes Buyers Make

While the focus of your content is obviously on attracting possible clients, writing about the common mistakes of buyers is also useful for other real estate professionals. When you create pieces like this, you broaden the scope of your authority. 

Staging Tips

Have fun with this topic: Create interactive rooms on your website that delve into the various trends in the real estate industry. What worked in previous homes, and what staging tips should we follow moving forward? 

33. Real Estate Terms 

If you’ve been in real estate long enough, you know there are enough terms to make your head spin. If you have a blog post that provides all of those terms and their definitions in one place, you will be thanked far and wide. 

34. Landscaping

One of the most difficult aspects of owning a home is knowing what to do with your yard. Provide tips on how to keep a lawn green, how to fix burn patches, and mastering zero-scapping. 

35. What to Expect When Buying a Home

Emotions will run high, so help guide people on what to expect when they’re buying their home. To really make this content unique, use local data and make it specific to your area. 

36. First-Time Home Buying

Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions of someone’s life. Tips for first-time homebuyers is one of those real estate blog topics that will be incredibly useful in establishing your authority and attracting new clients.

37. Understanding the Inspection Process

Even for people who have purchased and sold numerous homes, the inspection process can be confusing. Explain what buyers and sellers can expect in your area and how inspections typically play out. 

38. Mortgages

Much like real estate terms, mortgages can be a difficult subject to understand. In a blog post, explain each type in detail. To really make this real estate agent blog idea unique, throw in how you have helped previous customers decide between the various mortgage options. 

39. Home Decor 

Each person and style is different, so this real estate blog idea should reflect that. Focus on different decorating options and how decor can help when marketing a home. 

40. Narrowing Down Your Choices

Having too many choices is never a bad thing, especially if you’re a seller. But having a real estate blog topic that lays out how to get through such a scenario would be incredibly useful to your readers.