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The 19 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

by The CE Shop Team


The Top Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents 

With so many mobile apps for real estate agents, it can be tough to know which will actually help your productivity. We've put together this list of the best apps for real estate agents to make it easier for you to find the great apps you need to improve your customer service, marketing, sales, and more.


Contactually is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform built just for real estate professionals. As one of the top apps for real estate agents, Contactually allows you to add all of your prospects into one platform then build targeted campaigns that are automatically sent to leads as they move through your funnel. This methodology makes it simple to get in contact with leads at just the right moment to keep your name at the top of their mind. Additionally, this app integrates seamlessly with MailChimp and Zapier so you can keep using the tools you already love. 

Contactually offers a two-week free trial. After that, their subscriptions start at $69 per month. 

Available for iOS and Android.


If you dread tracking down client signatures on documents and contracts, you aren't alone. Waiting for that missing signature can take up a lot of valuable time and resources. DocuSign makes it more straightforward to get those signatures by allowing you to send documents to your clients that they can sign directly on their computer or iPhone. It's the most widely used eSignature platform, and the National Association of REALTORS® uses it as their official provider of electronic signature services.

DocuSign offers a one-month free trial and has plans aimed directly at real estate professionals starting at $10 a month. 

Available for iOS and Android.

Zillow Premier Agent 

Zillow is a big name in the real estate game, so you know that their real estate agent apps, aimed at helping agents grow their business, are the real deal. Zillow Premier Agent offers you complete access to a network of buyers who are actively searching for real estate, so you get hot leads delivered right to you. You can see which properties they have browsed so you can get a better idea of what they're seeking. The app also crunches numbers, analyzes data, and generates reports to help you gain unique insight into your clients' and leads' behaviors. 

Pricing for the Zillow Premier Agent is based on the market in which you work. 

Available for iOS and Android.


Evernote allows you to take notes and keep your workflow organized. Whether you prefer to record audio notes or write everything out, Evernote allows you to add tags to your notes, search for previously created notes, and more. Evernote integrates smoothly with Google Workspace apps (i.e., Google Docs, Gmail, etc.), Microsoft Office suite, Slack, and many other apps for real estate agents. With Evernote, you can also save web pages, scan and upload important documents right from your phone, and then access them wherever you need!

Evernote offers a free subscription tier with limited functionality, and paid tiers start at $7.99 per month.

Available for iOS and Android

Showing Pro

Getting feedback from clients is always helpful. It can help you improve your techniques and push you to grow as an agent. Showing Pro automatically captures feedback from your showings so that you don't have to ask for it. This way, you can get honest feedback in real-time, improving your productivity and helping you reach your goals as an agent. Additionally, your real estate showings are downloaded from electronic lockboxes, buyers’ agents are automatically sent customizable feedback surveys via email or text, and listing agents can even choose to have their sellers copied on feedback replies. Oh, and did we mention that Showing Pro can also track and manage your showings? This is truly one of those apps for real estate agents that you can’t afford to ignore.

To use this app, you'll need to sign up for a subscription, which starts as low as $2.99 per month when you pay for a whole year. 

Only available via web browser

Pro Tip: 

Use your real estate network or your personal mentor to get real-life feedback on apps you are considering. Some CRMs can cost up to $3,000 a month, so asking a fellow agent about what they like and don't like can save you from spending money on the wrong product. 


Propertybase offers an entire suite of modules built just for real estate professionals. It includes a CRM, marketing tools, lead generation tools, and more. Each of these distinct modules works together to capture leads, build your brand, and attract lifelong customers. Build a stunning website, keep track of and communicate with leads, and delve into real-time analytics that help you make smart, data-driven decisions. 

Propertybase doesn't include pricing information on their website, but you can request a demo to get more information and see if the product is right for you. Once you sign up, you'll gain access to the mobile apps as well. 


Looking for an easy way to engage leads on the platforms they already use? Freshchat is the perfect tool for connecting with your leads on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and more. You can manage all of these different messaging platforms from one intuitive dashboard. Freshchat also lets you create chatbots to use on your website, which can help to answer frequently asked questions and gain valuable data from leads. 

You can sign up for Freshchat for a feature-rich free trial, though there are paid tiers starting at $15/agent/month billed annually if you want more functionality. 

Available for iOS and Android


Dotloop strives to make real estate project management simpler than ever by helping you prepare contracts, get digital signatures, manage and share documents, and more. With a focus on security, automated audit trails, and hefty digital storage, Dotloop can help you close deals using only this app. They also offer dedicated success coaching to ensure that you’re using Dotloop to its full potential, along with consistently updated blog and webinar resources designed to help you succeed in the real estate industry. 

Starting at $29 a month, this impressive tool integrates with over 75 other real estate apps, which means you'll be getting more done without having to constantly switch platforms.

Available for iOS and Android.


Are you tired of spending time managing your social media, logging into multiple accounts, and tracking all your likes and comments? Use Buffer to schedule your social media posts, track your posts' performance, and create content for multiple platforms all in one place. This app integrates with all your favorite social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, making it perfect for reaching potential buyers. They also provide resources in the form of blogs and videos to answer your questions about social media strategies.

Buffer is free if you're looking to integrate three platforms and post up to ten times a month. If you need more functionality, you can get paid subscriptions starting at $15 a month.
Available for iOS and Android.


Move information between more than 3,000 web apps seamlessly and automatically with Zapier. You can take your most routine tasks across multiple apps and teach Zapier how to handle them automatically. For example, you can tell Zapier that when you get a new email in Gmail, any attachments should be saved to Dropbox, and then you should be notified via Slack. This automates and speeds up your most basic processes so you can focus more of your attention on your clients. 

Zapier offers a free subscription with very limited functionality, but you can get a trial of their paid subscriptions starting at $20 per month. 

Only available via web browser.


HubSpot is the industry leader when it comes to inbound marketing, customer service, and sales. This platform offers a powerful suite of tools that integrates with many of the other platforms you're already using. HubSpot offers in-depth functionality and is always improving its product line. They offer a CRM, a marketing platform, a service platform, a sales platform, and a ton of free tools and resources that you can utilize.

You can start exploring HubSpot's tools for free. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. Pricing depends on which tools you choose to use, though their “Starter” tiers typically cost $45-50/month billed on an annual basis. 

Available for iOS and Android.


Cloze is another CRM, but its built-in AI assistant sets it apart from the rest. This AI Assistant can send you notifications to follow up with clients at the right moment. Cloze automatically gathers data, such as your emails, phone calls, meetings, documents, Evernote entries, etc., and organizes everything to track all of your customer communications in one place. Not only can it record inbound and outbound calls, texts, and emails, but Cloze also integrates simply with the calendars and email platforms you already use. 

Cloze offers a free trial, and paid subscriptions start at $17 a month. 

Available for iOS and Android


The real estate business requires agents to handle a myriad of physical documents, and you can't afford to lose track of something. That's why CamScanner is so useful. It's one of the top apps for real estate agents looking to stay organized in a hectic world. CamScanner lets you instantly scan documents and turn them into PDFs using your phone so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. CamScanner can even extract text from scanned documents and edit these documents quickly and easily. Oh, and did we mention that it can automatically remove your messy background from pictures of your documents? This is one of those mobile apps for real estate agents that you won’t want to miss.

CamScanner has a free tier and paid subscriptions that start at $4.99 a month. 

Available for iOS and Android.

RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile is one of the best mobile apps for real estate agents. This app focuses on property research, and it was designed and built for use by real estate professionals. You can discover your local market stats, find both on- and off-market properties, and send data to clients no matter where you are. RPR Mobile also allows you to easily uncover information about a property, like its school district info, tax and mortgage data, and more. Not only is RPR Mobile one of the top real estate apps for agents, but it also serves commercial and residential purposes equally - meaning that, no matter your subindustry, this tool can provide the hard-hitting data you and your clients need most. 

Take your real estate marketing to the next level with this great free tool. 

Available for iOS and Android.


Share designs, sketches, and house plans with your clients using MagicPlan. Scan a room with your phone to instantly create a floor plan that you can send directly to your clients. MagicPlan prides itself on its ability to generate accurate job specs, including measurements, sketches, photos, markups, and notes, allowing you to share project data with your whole team. Successful real estate agents treasure apps with this level of functionality. Stand out from your competition by offering virtual tours and 3D models that will wow your clients. 

A basic subscription starts at $9.99 a month. 

Available for iOS and Android

Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro brings your design ideas to life while helping you manage projects, clients, and marketing. This app helps you create a custom website, boost customer satisfaction, and lets you create 3D floor plans with just a few simple taps. They also offer a community environment via discussion boards to ask for input from design professionals and homeowners alike, all while enabling you to find local contractors by searching through previous local projects. Talk about a win-win!

Houzz Pro starts at $55 a month, but this app also offers a free trial so you can get a feel for how their tools work. 

Available for iOS and Android.


BrokerAssist brings the leads to you by notifying you of inbound leads in your area. Agents love this agent-to-agent referral network because it also offers a powerful collaboration tool that makes it easier to connect with other real estate professionals nearby who are there to assist if you're already busy. BrokerAssist gives you access to an instant team to help keep your clients happy. Since happy clients lead to repeat business, it’s definitely worth considering if you need to add this to your repertoire of real estate apps.

When you join BrokerAssist as an individual, the tool is free to use. However, you are charged a small fee when you use other real estate pros to help you get the job done. 

Available for iOS and Android


Clozio helps you manage your calendar and track your transaction checklists to make sure nothing gets missed when you're busy. The app will alert you to approaching deadlines, help your clients understand the next steps in the selling or buying process, and keep an eye on client activity from one convenient location. Clozio’s custom checklists will keep you and your team on track, allowing you to invest your time and energy where it matters most: securing your clients’ dream property.

Clozio offers a free tier, but their paid tiers ($8+ a month) allow you to include custom branding, calendar integration with the mobile app, and more.  

Available for iOS

How to Choose the Best Apps for Your Real Estate Career

It's unlikely that you'll need to use all the tools from the list above, but every agent should transform their mobile device into a powerful toolbox. To choose which real estate apps for agents are right for you, start by tracking your day-to-day tasks, then see if any of these apps could make those tasks easier. Check out any available free trials to give your top picks a test run, and ask agents in your brokerage to see what they recommend. Good luck!