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Rudy Gobert's House Shows The Lavish Side of SLC
August 31, 2020

Rudy Gobert's House Shows The Lavish Side of SLC

by The CE Shop Team

Salt Lake City Is Fit for a Pro Like Rudy Gobert

For the majority of NBA fans, the foldable faux-leather courtside seats, a team-sponsored meet-and-greet, or a sighting at a high-end restaurant are about as close as they’ll get to the lives of their favorite athletes. French YouTuber Florian Gautier of the ‘Deux nuits avec’ YouTube channel, on the other hand, got to spend the day with fellow Frenchman and Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert - where he got a full tour of his Salt Lake City home - and it’s magnifique.

The tour of the modern Salt Lake City home begins roughly 8 minutes into the video, where the front entrance shows two rooms on either side of a wide staircase directly ahead. On one side sits a ping pong table, a fireplace, a pile of fan mail on a built-in desk area, and artworks ready to be hung. The other features include large windows, a billiards table, and another fireplace. Of course, ceilings and door entries are high to accommodate the 7-ft 1-inch NBA big man.

The walk-through continues with Gobert pointing out his open, airy den with two massive skylights above and euro-modern furniture, then it’s into the appropriately-sized kitchen where his personal chef Kris prepares his meals.

“Basically he’s just a really good guy, who’s easy to work with,” Kris says earlier in the video, followed by, “he has a very refined pallet.”

Image provided by The Salt Lake Tribune

Sadly, we don’t get to see the bedrooms, the garage, nor, for privacy reasons, the outside of the property, but the game room, pool-in-progress, and massive indoor basketball court more than make up for it. It looks like the absolute perfect place to de-stress by shooting a few hoops or just running a few drills.

In the video, it’s clear that Gobert takes his job very seriously. On the court? It’s even more apparent. During the 2019 NBA season, the big man down low smashed the record for most slam dunks in a single season with 306, and led the NBA in terms of screen assists with an impressive total of 482. Of course, we’d say his palatial Salt Lake City property is a slam dunk too.

And while we’re here to talk real estate, hoops fans will enjoy all 21:40 minutes of the nicely produced episode. It really gives fans an intimate look into his life, but more importantly how passionate and caring of a guy he is. Go Jazz!

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