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Real Estate Agents and Personal Finance: 3 Must-Have Apps
January 2, 2020

Real Estate Agents and Personal Finance: 3 Must-Have Apps

by The CE Shop Team

Save Money with these Three Tax and Personal Finance Apps

Launching a brand-new career in real estate comes with its difficulties. For one, you’ll have to invest your time and money into completing your licensing courses and an exam prep course to help you review all you need to know for the state and national exam. Once you’ve completed those requirements and chosen a brokerage that fits your needs, you’ll need to begin tracking your finances to help make your business profitable while saving you money on tax write-offs.

One of the best ways to track your expenses is through using apps on your smartphone. Working as a real estate agent, you will need to do work out of the office. That’s why the on-the-go convenience and user experience of these tools makes it easy for real estate agents to cut costs and make more money.

3 Must-Have Tax and Personal Finance Apps for Real Estate Agents

Using a smartphone app for tracking expenses, tax write-offs, and other business finances will save your business time and money while increasing your odds of succeeding as a real estate agent. Our team of experts claim these three apps to be the best for agents looking to grow their business.

1) Stride

Best For: Mileage and Travel Expense Tracker

As a real estate agent, you’re on the road. A lot. Every day, in fact, almost to the point that your car becomes your second office. With all of this moving, you need an accurate and provable way to track your travel expenses and miles traveled for tax write-offs.

That’s where Stride comes in. This free app makes it extremely convenient for tracking your miles and traveling expenses without wasting time on things like tax forms. To use the Stride app, simply turn on the mileage logger and start driving. Using GPS, this app accurately calculates the miles you’ve driven while allowing you to log other expenses, like car washes, gas, and even those $5 gas station glasses that make you look extra cool driving with the top down. And the best part of all, when you need to do your taxes, Stride will even create “an IRS-ready tax form to make filing a breeze.”

Other Apps: Quickbooks, TripLog, Everlance

2) Quickbooks

Best For: General Expenses Tracker

Knowing your expenses while working as a real estate agent is essential for saving you money on your taxes. There are a plethora of overpriced apps, when you simply need one that understands your needs as an entrepreneur. For this reason, we suggest looking into Quickbooks.

For only $8 a month, the Quickbooks app will track all the normal day expenses of a real estate agent, including smaller items like office supplies and closing gifts. The majority of reviews highly tout this app best for those running a small or self-employed business. And it’s not surprising why: This app can do it all, including helping you easily and quickly complete your tax forms in April. However, we do suggest utilizing the inexpensive version of Quickbooks. The extra value of spending more is not worth your money when there are other apps out there that do certain parts of real estate tracking better and for free.

Other Apps: Expensify, Mint

3) IXACT Contact

What For: Tracking Transactions and Commissions

Working in the real estate industry requires generating leads, managing relationships, and accurately keeping track of transactions and commissions. The best way to foster these relationships and keep tabs on revenue is IXACT Contact.

This CRM tool is built specifically to organize and manage all your contacts and referrals while attaching transactions and any sort of revenue or expenses to that profile. Considering that IXACT Contact’s easy-to-use interface is designed for real estate-centric utility, it’s by far the best CRM option for real estate agents. Try their free trial and get started today!

Other Apps: Top Producer, Copper

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