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How to Write the Perfect Holiday Card for Clients
December 8, 2020

How to Write the Perfect Holiday Card for Clients

by The CE Shop Team

Make Holiday Magic When Writing Your Customized Holiday Cards This Season

The written letter has become a lost art for many. When you have other more efficient methods like email, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, text message, and that witchcraft telephone created by the famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell (or Antonio Meucci, depending on who you ask), it feels implausible to return to the morose pen and paper of yesteryear. And yet, despite the advancement brought on by all these devices of communication, the old-fashioned method is the one that requires the most work but can yield the best results.

Writing letters is a fantastic way of reconnecting with your clients during the holiday season. However, creating these letters or holiday cards when you have other urgent matters on your mind, like your career, family, and staying safe during the pandemic, can make this activity taxing (if you think you have it bad, just ask these 10th-century monks). Don’t stress over writing countless unique letters and instead consider the following structure and tips for a seamless process.

Easy-to-Follow Holiday Card Structure and Tips

When it comes to writing holiday cards, there are two types of agents: the scribe and the sluggard. The first agent writes a book; they cannot decide what’s important and what’s not, thus leading to a George R.R. Martin novel that leaves them exhausted. The second is the sluggard. This agent is the person who buys a few dozen Hallmark cards and signs them with no other personalization. As an agent trying to grow your career, you can’t afford to fall into either of these camps. Instead of burning out or putting in absolutely no effort at all, we’ve outlined how to easily and effectively create personalized holiday cards for your clients.

Structure of the Holiday Card

1. Greeting

This portion should address the recipient of the letter. It’s more than okay to also address their family. In this structure, we suggest keeping it simple and using “Dear…” or something more festive like “Season’s Greetings!” to begin the card.

2. Body Copy

The body copy of your letter is where you’ll need to think about the perfect balance of customization and manufacturing. Think of a structure that allows you to mix and match specific words within the sentence for easy production with customized elements. For example:

It’s been a pleasure being your agent these past _______ years. Being able to help you find your dream home in _______ has been a pleasure. From my family to yours, I hope you have a __________.

This letter is generic but should work for the majority of your clients. Obviously, if you have a closer relationship, adding or replacing other sentences that relate back to how you’re “closer” can help. For example, if your kids have become friends through school:

Being able to help your family move to our beautiful little town and then watch our sons form a friendship that could stand the test of time has been my pleasure.

For the body copy, it’s best to have a template like the one above while being willing to make adjustments for clients who deserve an extra note of personalization. The idea of the holiday card body copy is to establish a three-to-five sentence letter that can be personalized for everybody without costing extra time.

3. Salutations

For salutations, stay away from neutral or business-savvy enders like “Regards” as well as any strongly emotional terms like “Love.” You want to be sincere in your letter without extending too far over your client-agent relationship. “Happy Holidays” or something more specific to their religious affiliation works best here.

Tips for Producing the Best Holiday Cards

Most people are inundated with holiday cards at the end of the year. If you’re going to put in all this effort to connect with your clients, you want to stand out from the crowd. Follow our tips to have your card shine this holiday season:

  • High-Quality Cardstock

    Go to the store and do a “balancing test” where you hold an average card in your left hand and a high-quality card in your right. Which one do you think will more likely shine amongst the dozens of cards that your clients will receive? It’s not so much what you say within the card that matters as much as how you say it with better cardstock.

  • Respect Their Respective Religious Beliefs

    Knowing your clients’ religious affiliations is important. You do not want to offend anyone and lose a future transaction due to well-intentioned negligence. If you’re uncertain of what they believe in, play it safe with a “Happy Holidays” or “Have a great New Year.”

  • Mail Your Cards Early

    Sending out your cards early will help you stand out from the pack of procrastinators who send their notes the week of or before the holidays. Now, this does not mean send your cards the weekend of Thanksgiving. That would feel untimely and weird to most people. However, once December rolls through, you have full authority to fire off these cards at will.

  • Write It, Don’t Type It

    While typing will save you time, the card may come off as insincere and generic. Commitment to black pen and paper on the actual cardstock (instead of a typed letter within the card) will provide a more genuine experience that your clients will appreciate.

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