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Find out if you qualify to get your real estate license in Arizona.
November 13, 2019

Can a Felon Get a Real Estate License in Arizona?

by The CE Shop Team

Find Out if You Qualify to Get Your Real Estate License in Arizona

Starting a new career in real estate can be a fascinating path with limitless possibilities. The freedom, independence, and ultimate control that comes with being an agent are only some of the many reasons people pursue their license. However, for some, past issues could create barriers to entry.

Earning Your Real Estate License in Arizona with a Felony

In order to complete Arizona Pre-Licensing real estate school education, the state of Arizona will require you to submit your fingerprint for a background check. Naturally, anyone with a prior conviction with any of the following offenses will be flagged.

A.R.S. 31-2124(M) states that the Department shall not issue a license to a person who has been convicted of a felony offense and who is currently incarcerated for the conviction, paroled, or under community supervision and under the supervision of a parole or community supervision officer or who is on probation as a result of the conviction.

What Happens If I am Rejected?

If you are rejected, you will have to submit in writing a request to speak to the advisory board. They will then determine the severity of your case and whether you should be allowed to complete your credits or not.

What Does the Arizona Commission Board Look For?

Beyond the scope and severity of the prior offense, the board will try and determine if you have changed your lifestyle and is the person of integrity and morality. Essentially, they are asking “Has this person changed for the better?” If you can sufficiently prove to them you have become a person of good standing and prior offenses were merely a blip on an otherwise clean record, you’ll have a strong case for getting licensed.

Learn More - Arizona Department of Real Estate

To learn more about the necessary steps you’ll need to pursue as a felon wanting to work as a real estate agent in Arizona, please visit the Arizona Department of Real Estate’s website. There you’ll find further information regarding who you need to contact and any other questions you may have regarding the process.

Arizona is not a lenient state when it comes to these decisions. Their advisory board is risk-averse and will look into your record thoroughly. We strongly suggest if you are an upstanding citizen who may not have their past on their side to look into more lenient states if you should decide to pursue a career in real estate.

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