ADA Accommodations

How to submit documentation for accommodation

The CE Shop is committed to providing opportunities for all qualified students to participate fully in the academic environment. The CE Shop does provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. You can find the full terms and conditions regarding this policy here.

Testers must provide 7-10 business days' notice in order for their accommodation to be properly processed.

Please Note: If the tester does not provide adequate notification time, there is a risk that the accommodation won't be processed and distributed before the exam. Inadequate notice comes at the testers own risk. PSI will not compensate for any wait times and stress associated with processing the accommodation when given inadequate notice.

Students seeking reasonable accommodations should follow the process below.

Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation:

  1. Download the ADA form.
  2. Complete the form and obtain applicable supporting documentation.
  3. Submit application via the form located here.

Once the Form has been Submitted:

  1. The CE Shop receives request and reviews form and documentation.
  2. The Disability Coordinator will review and make final decision.
  3. The CE Shop will notify student of final decision.

For assistance, please contact Customer Service.