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Every Question You Need Answered About Taking The Real Estate Exam In Nevada

Do you have questions about the Nevada real estate exam? We’re here to help. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the real estate exam. If your question isn’t answered here, our Customer Support team is ready to assist via chat, email, or by phone at 888.827.0777. We’re dedicated to helping you feel as confident as possible about your upcoming exam.

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How do you get a real estate license in Nevada?

Getting a real estate license in Nevada entails the following:

  1. Complete an approved 90-Hr. Nevada Pre-Licensing course
  2. Submit your fingerprints for a background check
  3. Pass the Nevada Salesperson Real Estate Examination
  4. Complete the Nevada Salesperson application ($125 dollar application fee)

Can you get a Nevada real estate license if you have a felony or misdemeanor?

During the Nevada Salesperson application process, applicants submit their fingerprints and the state performs a background check. A criminal history may affect your ability to receive a real estate license in the State of Nevada.

Can you get a Nevada real estate license online?

Aspiring real estate agents can complete all Pre-Licensing coursework online, but the education provider must be approved by the Nevada Real Estate Division. Visit this page for a comprehensive list of Nevada’s approved providers.

How long does it take to get a real estate license in Nevada?

The average time it takes to receive a Nevada Salesperson License depends on various factors. The biggest consideration is the time it takes to complete the Pre-Licensing coursework. Most students complete the education requirements in 3-4 months, while others complete the coursework in as little as a month. Once the coursework is completed, there are additional steps that require time considerations. This includes scheduling and passing the Nevada real estate exam & submitting the Nevada Salesperson application.

What are the requirements to get a Nevada real estate license?

There are very few requirements to become a real estate agent in Nevada. Applicants must be over 18 years of age and willing to submit to a background check.

How old do you have to be to get your Nevada real estate license?

To get a Nevada real estate license, the Nevada Real Estate Division requires you to be at least 18 years of age.

What courses are required for a Nevada real estate license?

The state of Nevada requires 90 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education for licensees obtaining their license prior to October 1st. After October 1, 2021, licensees will be required to take 120 hours of pre-licensing education. Learn more about your Pre-Licensing package options here and begin your real estate career.

How much Continuing Education do I need as a Nevada real estate agent?

Every Nevada salesperson must complete 24 hours of real estate instruction approved by the Nevada Real Estate Division (only 12 hours can be taken online). Nevada CE credits must be completed every two-year license renewal period. Brokers in Nevada are also required to complete 24 hours of Continuing Education every two-year license renewal period, though they're also limited to taking 12 hours online.

Do you need to have a diploma or GED to get your Nevada real estate license?

To get your real estate license in Nevada, the Nevada Real Estate Division requires proof of the successful completion of high school or its equivalent. This includes a high school diploma or GED.

How much does it cost to get a Nevada real estate license?

The fixed costs involved in getting a Nevada real estate license include:

  • Nevada salesperson application - $125
  • Technology fee to initial and renewal licenses - $15
  • Nevada salesperson criminal background check fee - $40.25
  • Nevada salesperson exam - $100

The Nevada Real Estate Division has more information on real estate license costs.

Note: These costs are subject to change by the state at any time.

What is the average salary for a Nevada real estate agent?

Multiple factors are taken into account when calculating average real estate salaries, including the number of real estate transactions per year and commission fees. On average, a full-time real estate salesperson in Nevada can expect to make between $50-98 per year, according to Among higher earners, a Nevada real estate salesperson can earn over six figures annually.

Does Nevada have real estate license reciprocity with any other states?

Nevada has real estate license reciprocity with the following states: Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia. For individuals in these states, they will only need to take one additional 18-hr. course on Nevada law.

There are important resources that agents seeking out-of-state licensure should review before applying. Agents can also contact the Nevada Real Estate Commission to ask personalized questions.

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