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Peek Inside Nick Saban's $11M Lakehouse
February 8, 2021

Peek Inside Nick Saban's $11M Lakehouse

by The CE Shop Team

Nick Saban’s Real Estate Game Is Strong

University of Alabama’s head football coach Nick Saban is known for his leadership on game day, but how’s his real estate game? As someone who flirts with the title of “highest-paid head coach in college football”, we can imagine it’s pretty good. In 2020 alone, Saban earned $9.3 million.

So, what’s his multi-million-dollar real estate play? A jaw-dropping $11 million Lake Burton retreat in northern Georgia.

Image source: AJC

Alabama Luxury Properties Are a Good Bet

Of course, Saban could’ve snagged this stunning Daphne, AL mansion with 100-year-old oaks and a view of the gulf for a mere $7.9 million. Just last year, property values in Alabama have risen by 8.5% across the board, including luxury properties. Record low-interest rates combined with these bang-for-your-buck real estate offerings have even caught the attention of Californians. For example, this 13,531-square-foot mansion listed at $3.5 million would cost three to four times as much in California. Or, if you prefer, you can snag a second home close to the ocean by purchasing this 3 bed, 2 bath beach house for $875k.

Still, purchasing his Georgia lakefront getaway was a good call. Demand for rural, luxury properties have been on the rise nationwide as many with means are looking for a place they can spread out and ride out the pandemic.

But Coach Is Going Long in Georgia

Image source: AJC

Something tells us, though, that Saban has no intention of offloading his lakehouse. In 2013, he sold his other lake ‘investment’ just down the road for a cool $10.95 million, and he’s part-owner of the local exclusive golf club.

“You know, I like playing golf. I love the lake. I swim in the lake to take a bath in the lake every day, and everybody kills me over that,” Saban told SB Nation.

And should you be invited to spend the day with Coach, as he’ll do from time to time, you’ll be able to enjoy 10,000-square-foot spread over three levels, a pub-like billiards room, and, of course, a lighthouse. You might even catch him taking a quick dip in the lake, which he’s been known to do.

When it comes to Nick Saban’s real estate play, all we can say is good game, Coach. Maybe someday we’ll see some of the latest recruiting class out at the lake!

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*Hero image source: AJC