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Lake Tahoe’s Tessie: California’s Loch Ness Monster
October 21, 2021

Lake Tahoe’s Tessie: California’s Loch Ness Monster

by The CE Shop Team

Time to Find Tahoe Tessie a Home

Myths of a massive prehistoric creature said by some to lurk the depths of Lake Tahoe have haunted the region for centuries. The creature, often compared to a long-lost relative of the Loch Ness Monster and affectionately nicknamed “Tessie”, is a giant, serpentine-like lake monster.

Lake Tahoe Tessie the Lake Monster

Legendary Tales of Tessie

Some believe that Tahoe Tessie is nothing more than a Jurassic creature of our past, like the Plesiosaur, Pliosaur, Ichthyosaur, or the Mosasaur. Others are sold on a much more mystical backstory. For example, Tessie’s mysterious tails can be traced back to local Native Americans who mentioned the monster in their folklore. The Washoe and Paiute Tribes were the first to talk about the creature, describing it as a sturgeon protected by the depths of Lake Tahoe’s waters, the second deepest lake in the U.S.

No matter the numerous urban legends and supposed sightings that surround Tessie and Lake Tahoe, there’s no physical evidence of her existence… yet.

Lake Lodgings for Tessie

Since there’s no proof otherwise, let’s assume that Tessie isn’t the big, bad lake monster she’s been portrayed as for centuries. In reality, Tessie may be a fun-loving, prehistoric creature that relishes lake life. In fact, if you play your cards right, Tessie might even take you and your crew on a sunset cruise around Lake Tahoe, provided you can balance on her back. 

While the average home value in Tahoe City is $1,158,307, Tessie has had plenty of time to save her sand dollars.

Are you prepared to take on this truly unique client? Don’t worry, she won’t bite! If so, we’ve assembled a few potential listings as a jumping-off point:

Tahoe City, CA - $1,949,000

Tahoe City Lake Home

Known as Tahoe Tess to friends and family, our lake-loving pal enjoys hosting and showcasing the beauty that is Lake Tahoe to all who are close to her. This tasteful contemporary home is the perfect place for entertaining guests after a laughter-filled day on the water. Complete with 4 beds, 3 bathrooms, and a hot tub, Tessie’s friends won’t be roughing it when visiting. 

Carnelian Bay, CA - $3,850,000

North Lake Carnelian Bay Lake Home

Come on in, the water’s fine! This home in Carnelian Bay provides a picturesque lakefront retreat with panoramic views and direct access to the lake with a private dock. Tessie can rest easy knowing that her guests will live in luxury in this 4 bed, 4 bathroom home complete with a gym, outdoor entertaining area, and guest cottage. 

Glenbrook, NV - $43,500,000

Lake Tahoe Mansion

This 26-acre waterfront property is perfect for Tessie; she can sunbathe on the beach without being bothered. The massive 20,377-sq.-ft. main house provides ample space for all of Tessie’s mythical friends of varying shapes and sizes. They can rest easy knowing they are surrounded by 16 acres of forests, providing privacy for a much-needed vacation. A mythical creature's life isn’t just terrorizing tourists and locals alike - it’s stressful being hunted day in and day out!