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The CE Shop vs. Hondros

When it comes to most real estate schools, talk is cheap. But when we say we’re the leading provider of real estate education, you don’t have to take our word for it. Schools like Hondros want you to think they’re the best, but how do they really compare to our award-winning courses and service? Take a look.

  1. Cutting-Edge Career Resources

    We provide all the inside tips and advice you need to succeed.

    Our Agent Essentials resource pages provide critical information proven to help you get your license and become a successful real estate agent.Our experts spend countless hours researching trending topics, tips, and advice proven to help grow your business.

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    "I very much appreciated the clear and succinct presentation of all the material. The questions were pertinent to the subject matter and the exams were also fair and extremely helpful to retain the information. Thank you for a positive experience."

    Karen E.
    Completed OH Post-Licensing

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  2. Extended Customer Service, Including Online Chat

    Open 7 days a week for your convenience.

    Our customer support is available 7 days a week, 7 AM - 9 PM CT on weekdays and 9 AM - 6 PM CT on weekends via phone, email, or online chat. The other guys don’t invest nearly as many hours or as much manpower into helping their customer.

    We find this mind-boggling. Customer support is your greatest ally in quickly communicating your needs and issues and assessing ways we can push ourselves to be better. It’s our number one goal to provide you with the all-encompassing service you deserve.

    "I called yesterday and spoke with someone who was so kind and helpful, she really help me a lot. I was very pleased."

    Sonia S.
    Completed Continuing Education

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  3. Always Online, Unlike the Other Guys (or Gals)

    We've been online since the beginning.

    Since our inception as a company, we’ve strived to be the leading-technology education for your success. Being 100% online for all this time has given us the opportunity to perfect the most efficient learning platform for getting agents licensed. Meanwhile, other real estate schools started as a brick-and-mortar school and only just recently joined the 21st century by offering online courses.

    Classroom learning costs you more than just time. Instead of wasting hours driving to class, money on gas, and a strict schedule that requires you to miss other important activities, like work and family events, you could just take your courses online and learn on your own time. Earning your license should be an efficient process that gets you in and on your way; not some annoying nuisance that potentially hinders your career schedule.

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    "I love the information, field trips, format, convenience and value of The CE Shop courses."

    Connie J.
    Completed OH Continuing Education


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  4. Referral Program

    Have a friend who is interested in becoming an agent? We can help.

    We believe learning together is better. That’s why we offer all our students––whether taking Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep, Post-Licensing, or Continuing Education––the ability to share knowledge, and save money on our courses through our referral program.Learn more about how everybody benefits by referring a friend on our referral page.

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Choose Us—Full Scorecard

There’s many reasons why people consider us to be the industry-leaders in online real estate education. Discover today how The CE Shop can help you earn your license and be on your way to a fantastic career in real estate.

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  1. Industry-Leading Curriculum Written by Experts

    Still wondering why you should choose us? Our team of experts has spent years researching and implementing proven adult learning techniques that increase engagement and memory retention.

    • Mobile learning
    • Microlearning
    • Inquiry-based learning
    • Responsive design
    • Digestible content

    Through these methods, we’re able to properly teach using real-life situations agents deal with on a daily basis while making it easy for you to seamlessly study whenever, wherever.

    Since 2005, we’ve been 100% online, and have spent considerable resources in-house to develop the industry-leading curriculum and learning software for getting you licensed and on your way to a successful career. Check out our products below and see for yourself!

All claims are a result of an industry-wide audit done by our inhouse team. If we missed something or have provided incorrect information, please let us know at