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The CE Shop vs. Florida Real Estate School

When it comes to most real estate schools, talk is cheap. Schools like Florida Real Estate School want you to think they’re the best real estate school, but when you consider their lack of invested resources and unengaging curriculum, it’s pretty clear that they’re inadequate compared to our award-winning courses and service. Don’t believe us? Take a look.

  1. Cutting-Edge Career Resources

    We provide all the inside tips and advice you need to succeed.

    Our Agent Essentials resource pages provide critical information to help you get your license and become a successful real estate agent. Other schools have very few career resources (out-of-date blogs and boring video guides), and they don't have anything else catered to your needs as an agent. Our experts spend countless hours researching trending topics, tips, and advice proven to help grow your business. We believe in our students’ long-term career, not the quick money grab.

    Using LEAP
    “Very well- formatted and presented to maximize learning.”

    Ronald A.,
    CE Student in Florida

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  2. 5-Day Free Trials

    Our 5-day free trial gives you ample time to know if this decision is
    right for you.

    This should say everything when it comes to us versus other real estate schools. A good majority of prospective agents need time to consider if a career change is right for them, and we would never want our students to invest their precious resources into a career path that isn’t the perfect next step for them. By offering a free trial, we give you 5 days to discover whether a career in real estate is right for you. With other real estate schools? It’s do or die.

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  3. A Proven Exam Prep Program with Pass Guarantee

    We simplified your state's candidate handbook for a better studying experience.

    If you’re struggling with the exam, check out our industry-leading Exam Prep Edge program. Our experts took apart the Florida Candidate Handbook and simplified it for the best study experience. You’ll also receive unlimited practice exam questions that are mirror image examples of what you’ll see on the actual test.

    We believe in our Exam Prep Edge program so much that we guarantee a full refund if you demonstrate competency in all sections but do not pass the licensing exam.

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There are many reasons why people consider us to be the leaders in online real estate education. Discover today how The CE Shop can help you earn your license and get on your way to a fantastic career in real estate.

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