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Texas Real Estate Remedial Course FAQs

Whether you’re just getting started or have taken the exam multiple times already, we are here to help answer any questions you have about getting into the Texas real estate industry.



Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Real Estate License in Texas

We'd be worried if you didn't have questions! Getting your real estate license in Texas is a big step, so to help, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions from those who need to take the Texas Remedial classes.

What are the Texas Remedial classes?

Per TREC: Candidates have three attempts to pass both portions of the examination prior to the application expiration date. If the exam is failed three times, the candidate is unable to retest on the application or submit a new application until additional qualifying real estate education is completed - the 60-Hr. Texas Remedial Package fulfills this additional qualifying education.


How long does it take to get a Texas real estate license?

The time it takes to get your Texas real estate license is dependent on a number of factors, though most complete the requirements within four months. Before receiving a license, you must complete a variety of steps, including an application, education, exam, fingerprints, background investigation, and sponsorship by an actively licensed Texas real estate broker.


How do I renew my real estate license in Texas?

Prior to the renewal date, one must complete the applicable Continuing Education requirements and pay the renewal fee. Continuing Education requirements may differ for those under the Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) requirement.


How much does it cost to get a Texas real estate license?

The total cost to get a Texas real estate license depends on a number of factors. State application and related fees are around $350 for a new sales agent, and the Texas Real Estate Salesperson Exam fee is $54. Pre-Licensing coursework tuition and fees may bring the total payment beyond $1,000, depending on where you complete your coursework. Lastly, the additional 30 hour Remedial classes can be purchased for less than $250.


How do I get a real estate license in Texas with the Remedial classes?

  • Complete the 60-Hr. Texas Remedial Sales Real Estate Package if you have failed both portions of the licensing exam three times and are required by TREC to complete additional education
  • Fill out the state application for a license and pay all the applicable fees
  • Complete the fingerprint requirements
  • Pass a background check
  • Successfully complete the Texas real estate exam
  • Obtain sponsorship by a real estate broker holding an active license


How long is the Texas real estate license exam?

The exam is composed of 110 questions. Two and a half hours are allotted to take the exam.


Where do I start if I haven’t taken Pre-Licensing courses yet?

  • For those hoping to just get started, you’ll take the required 180-Hr. Texas Salesperson courses
  • For those with at least four years of active experience as a licensed real estate sales agent in the state of Texas that also hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university, you’ll take the required 270-Hr. Texas Broker courses




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