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Real Estate Investors and Your Business


  • Resources from Keller Williams Publishing, National Real Estate Investors Association, OwnAmerica, and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) that will help you serve your investor clients.
  • A Criteria Worksheet handout that can be utilized in your efforts finding properties for your clients.
  • Insights from The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, and Crash Boom! that will help you understand the mindset and strategies of investors.
  • Details about current real estate market conditions and the impact of investors on the market over time.
  • A look at recent data from the U.S. census, NAR surveys, and other independent studies, as well as a discussion about what it all means for today’s real estate investors.
  • Tips for acting ethically, providing a high level of service, and avoiding liability issues while working with investors.
  • Advice for becoming a real estate investor yourself, including legal landmines to guard against.