The Rewarding Career Change You've Been Looking For


It’s time for a career change and you know it. Maybe you got sick of sitting in a cubicle, or maybe you finally realized that professional underwater basketweaving isn’t for you after all. Whatever the reason, rest assured that there’s a place for you in the bustling world of buying and selling homes.

Whatever your previous experience, there’s a way to apply your skills to real estate. Once you get out there and hit the streets, you’ll be amazed by how handy some of your previously under-utilized knowledge will be.

Here are some essential skills for any successful real estate agent:


Enthusiasm. There will be ups and downs along the way, and a positive and enthusiastic attitude will help you weather the storms.


Sociability. Connections are vital in real estate, and making sure that people know you’re available and friendly is the first step to success.


Organization. With any luck, you’ll be quite busy, and keeping all of your business affairs in order will save you tons of time in the long haul.


Local knowledge. Beyond just knowing the good schools from the bad, clients will call upon you for all manner of local knowledge. First-hand experience with local traffic, nearby restaurants, and neighborhood trends will make you indispensible.


Changing your career is a major step, but our Pre-Licensing courses make your transition as painless as possible.

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