Minnesota Proctoring Instructions


Let’s talk Minnesota testing.


  • Each course requires an independent third-party proctor to oversee students taking the course.
  • A calculator and scratch paper is allowed for the exam.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the proctor and set up a mutually agreed upon exam time and pay any associated fees.


  1. Once the student is close to completing the course material, they will review the proctor list and select the location where they would like to take the exam. There is a proctor list available for students to select a proctor that best fits their location and schedule here.
  2. Contact the proctor location and set up a time to take the final exam.
  3. Arrive promptly at the proctor location ready to take the exam.
  4. Student will login to their account and access the final exam.
  5. The proctor will enter in their secure proctor code so the student can begin the exam.
  6. Student completes the final exam.
  7. Once the student passes the final exam, they will be directed to the electronic proctor form here.
  8. The student and the proctor will print, complete, and sign the form.
  9. The form needs to faxed or emailed back to The CE Shop:
  10. Once the proctor form has been received by The CE Shop, the certificate of completion will be issued to the student via email and will also be available in the student’s account at www.theceshop.com.
  11. Students can contact our Customer Service team at 1-888-827-0777 or email us at Support@TheCEShop.com with any questions at any time.


Download a list of approved proctor locations

View map of approved proctor locations