May 2019

The CE Shop Introduces Exam Prep Edge, a New Study Program for Pre-Licensing Students

Students wanting to properly prepare for their upcoming licensing exam can now enroll in The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge study program.

DENVER, CO, May 14th, 2019 – A new study program has been released by The CE Shop and is now available in 45 states. To see the list of states where Exam Prep Edge can be purchased, please see here.


Exam Prep Edge is an online interactive study tool covering all the topics featured in each state’s Candidate Handbook and licensing exam. Considered the most innovative product in the industry, this program initially assesses the student’s competencies and then delves into topic and subtopic lessons specifically customized to help that student effectively study and learn the material. Once they complete their lessons, the student is given access to unlimited practice exams that properly assess their competency and let them know when they’re ready to take their exam. In addition to Exam Prep Edge, The CE Shop also offers Pre-Licensing, Post-Licensing, and Continuing Education courses, allowing students to further develop their professional career with industry-leading online coursework.


The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge study program was created to help not only their students and other schools’ students succeed on the exam, but also to make for a stronger agent. “While we are the industry leaders in Pre-Licensing related to pass rates, we felt there was still an opportunity for students to excel beyond the classroom. Now, everyone who wants to be better prepared for their exam will have a proven tool to help them retain knowledge and practice questions while gaining necessary insight for succeeding as a real estate agent,” said CEO and Founder Michael McCallister. The CE Shop believes that results-driven education makes for better real estate agents, which helps both buyers and sellers in competitive and fast-paced real estate markets.


About The CE Shop
The CE Shop is an award-winning organization focused on providing education that matters. Whether it’s Pre-Licensing, Post-Licensing, or Continuing Education, The CE Shop produces quality education for real estate agents and brokers across the nation. We believe that the right education can truly make a difference.


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Director of Marketing



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